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Kerry Hurwitch

Kerry Hurwitch

IT Customer Success Manager, Managed IT Services
Areas of Expertise: IT Consulting & Managed IT

Kerry Hurwitch is a highly skilled and dedicated IT Customer Success Manager on BPM’s Managed IT Services team. With a strong focus on client satisfaction, retention and growth, Kerry plays a crucial role in ensuring BPM clients receive exceptional support and value from our IT solutions.

As a customer-centric professional, Kerry is passionate about delivering outstanding experiences to our clients. She takes a proactive approach to understanding each customer’s unique needs, goals and challenges, allowing her to provide tailored solutions and support that drive success. Kerry’s ability to foster long-term relationships with clients is built on a foundation of trust, reliability and effective communication.

In her role, Kerry works closely with our customers to address any issues or concerns they may have, ensuring timely and efficient resolution. She collaborates with various internal teams, including technical support, IT Consulting and project management, to deliver a seamless and integrated customer experience.

One of Kerry’s key responsibilities is driving adoption and retention of our IT services. She accomplishes this by providing valuable insights, Quarterly Business Reviews, training and resources to help clients maximize the value of our solutions. Kerry’s deep understanding of our services, combined with her ability to translate technical concepts into business benefits, enables her to effectively guide clients toward success.

With a proactive and data-driven approach, Kerry continually monitors client health and satisfaction metrics. She leverages this information to identify opportunities for improvement, implement preventive measures and develop strategies to enhance the overall customer experience. Her efforts have directly contributed to expanded adoption of our IT services.

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Management – Bentley University