A performance and engagement tool, all in one, that your employees want to use.

Stand back and witness a robust culture evolution.


Designed by HR professionals

BPM Link is the only performance management technology platform designed by HR professionals. Employee-driven, simple, flexible, visually appealing and intuitive, BPM Link connects your managers and your people in ways that drive organizational success. It’s so easy to use and implement, BPM Link promotes adoption by users at rates approaching 100%.

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BPM Link works in all operating environments and with all prevailing enterprise software — such as Rippling, ADP, Ceridian, UKG, Paychex, and Paylocity.

Customizable using open API and SSO capabilities, BPM Link can be implemented at small business to enterprise scale in fewer than 30 days. And because BPM Link promotes transparency, leaders gain the insight they need to make important organizational decisions.

Aligning people and strategy – gracefully

Clear communication, performance-based accountability, and balanced transparency are critical to organizational success.

Engaging remote and hybrid employees has its challenges, yet there is a way to keep everyone connected, as if they were in the office. BPM Link is a uniquely qualified employee-driven solution that ensures every voice is heard, seen and connected, while also supporting your DEIB initiatives.

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Their job responsibilities and how they are measured

How they are performing against expectations – regularly

How their efforts contribute to organizational objectives

How the entire organization is performing – at a glance