We develop creative tax solutions that help you reach your goals and grow from them.

Personal Attention from People Who Care

At BPM, we are known for our focus on putting people first in everything we do. That means we genuinely care about our clients and helping them grow throughout all stages of their lifecycle—personal and professional.

We are a full-service tax consulting, accounting, and business services firm that provides a seamless experience to everyone we work with. And we do it with kindness, compassion, and collaboration. Come to us with a challenge and we won’t let up until we find the best solution for your unique situation.

Corporate Tax Services That Help You Grow

There are two sides to BPM’s corporate tax and specialized tax practice. One will ensure you stay compliant with everything the IRS requires you to do. We will file the returns, submit responses to notices, and make sure you’re up-to-date on all your obligations.

The other is all about helping you thrive in a challenging business environment. Our teams proactively look for credits and exclusions that save you money, opportunities for restructuring operations and reduce tax liability, and even review financial statements to spot ways to better leverage your assets.

We have all your business and corporate tax bases covered—from startup to growth, into liquidity, and through building a legacy.

Corporate Tax

Count on BPM not only for all of your compliance needs, but also for expert guidance aimed at growing your business.

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International Tax

We’ve got the know-how, experience, and resources to help you take your business overseas or manage existing holdings to your best advantage.

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Private Client Services

Let us safeguard the wealth you have, devise strategies for making it grow, and build a legacy that can resonate for generations.

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National Tax

The National Tax professionals at BPM have their ears to the ground when it comes to changes on the way.

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Your Guide to International Tax

Digital technology has made the world a much smaller place and has opened more opportunities than ever to tap into business overseas. Tax implications when you take your business international can be complex and challenging to deal with if you don’t have a strong partner looking out for you.

Our dedicated international tax practice, is led by experts who will help you navigate these waters with confidence. We know the laws, the people, and the strategies for dealing with all kinds of challenges that come with expanding into the international arena.

We are knowledgeable in sales and use taxes, income and indirect taxes, how to structure your business to include international locations and staff, setting up bank accounts, and building the right connections to ensure all your local obligations and needs are taken care of.

BPM Gets Personal with Private Client

Our private client services practice works with high-net-worth individuals to help them manage wealth and plan for the future. Our services are about safeguarding the wealth our clients already have, actively growing and investing it, and being prepared with an exit strategy, if needed.

Protecting families, ensuring a future for the next generation, and empowering wealth to do good in the world is really what it’s about.