BPM + Archer®

Manage risk and compliance across the spectrum

The drill is always the same. Review your risk map. Calendar compliance deadlines. Look for gaps and prioritize key initiatives. File or remediate. Begin again.

When does it prove overwhelming? Is it already? Look to BPM.

GRC platforms provide the mechanism for organizations to monitor and manage GRC initiatives through a single lens or dashboard, and to remediate issues as they are discovered.Singh and Cravens

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Comprehensive risk and compliance management

A world of opportunity. A world of significant risk. The former promises greater revenue and profits. The latter can impinge on your business’s viability, damage your corporate reputation and present unanticipated costs.

How to effectively manage the range of risks you face? Develop, implement and manage the suite of tools necessary to reduce your organization’s risk and stay on top of constantly evolving compliance needs? See everything in one place — and do all this cost-effectively?


BPM designs and implements effective enterprise-wide governance, risk management, and compliance solutions (GRC) that allow organizations to streamline efforts along multiple vectors.


We leverage our risk management knowledge alongside extensive experience in regulatory compliance, IT and cybersecurity advisory, ESG services, and managed solutions for businesses across industry.



Our alliance with Archer for its Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) capabilities allows us to implement a comprehensive enterprise risk management platform for your organization.

BPM + Archer. Your allies in a world of risk.

Our professionals are skilled at identifying and mitigating a range of risks. Leveraging the scalable risk management and compliance solutions of Archer, we help clients establish or upgrade internal risk management programs and protocols, while implementing a dashboard solution that allows for continual monitoring of deadlines and new developments — so you stay on top of compliance needs and risk management while lessening pressure on your valuable internal resources.

The complexity of the modern GRC environment requires a technology platform that supports organizations in managing and prioritizing the myriad of risks. Automating data ingestion, control mapping, workflows and reporting alleviates manual workload and improves accuracy of risk and compliance management. The GRC platform must…act as a window to the organization’s risk, allowing users and executives throughout the organization to capture and view risk data… intelligent analytics around risk data to help organizations quantify risk priorities is emerging as a critical criterion…Singh and Cravens

About Archer

A market leader in GRC and integrated risk management (IRM) solutions, Archer offers a suite of risk and compliance products that provide organizations with a unified and integrated approach to risk management — with solutions that address individual risk domains or deployed to form a comprehensive, holistic solution to enterprise risk management. Archer has completed more than 1,800 solutions deployments for global multinational clients and organizations across 48 countries.

BPM + Archer. For you, a win-win.

A managed solution enabled by Archer’s GRC platform will help you:

  • Intake compliance and risk management data from disparate sources.
  • Maintain regulatory compliance proactively, reducing the costs of enterprise-wide compliance.
  • Track evolving regulatory standards, filing deadlines and relevant content from standard-bodies.
  • Reduce the risk of damage to your reputation and relationships with stakeholders.
  • Identify and address cyber risk gaps, lowering your organization’s risk profile.
  • Enhance the effectiveness and productivity of your internal risk management, compliance and audit teams.
  • Improve and promote cross-functional awareness of your organization’s risk strategy, compliance objectives and commitment to forward-looking initiatives, such as ESG.
  • Reduce downtime in key applications, systems and operations, improving productivity and business results.