State and Local Taxes (SALT)

State and local taxes comprise a huge portion of a company’s tax burden. For companies that operate across multiple counties and states, compliance with these regulations represents a significant challenge as the process is both complex and time-consuming. And with the risk of penalties in the form of further costs, it is extremely important for a business to work with professionals in handling these taxes.

With the help of BPM’s tax experts, you can pay your tax liabilities in the most efficient manner possible. We stay abreast of the current state and county laws in order to help you evaluate your tax strategies and ensure that you meet your tax obligations without paying more than you need to.

The specific areas in which our professionals can help include:

  • Sales and Use Tax
  • Tax and Credit Incentives
  • Income and Franchise Tax
  • Property Tax
  • Enterprise Zoned Credits
  • Jurisdiction of Landing
  • Multi-state Planning