Turnaround & Restructuring

In the most urgent situations, preserving your business’s value is key. This means stabilizing finances and making key operations improvements. Timing is crucial.

Turnaround management consultants

Once a business’s decline reaches the point where investors no longer think it’s worth saving, bankruptcy and liquidation may be the only options.

A successful turnaround is one that brings a business back to functionality and profitability. Early awareness of signs of distress within your company — and taking sound, immediate action — can dramatically impact your company’s ability to rebound.

Turnaround and Restructuring Services

We’ve successfully partnered with companies across a wide spectrum of industries and sizes through operational turnarounds and financial restructurings. BPM provides a team of seasoned professionals with deep expertise in overcoming liquidity and operational challenges, creating value, improving performance, driving new growth, and reducing risks.

Turnaround and restructuring: leadership through challenging transitions

At BPM, our turnaround management consultants work proactively alongside you to create and execute feasible turnaround plans with well-defined objectives. Our restructuring consulting may include

  • Cost analysis and realignment
  • Working capital improvements
  • Financial modeling
  • Cash flow projection analysis
  • Core operations stabilization
  • Cash conversion management and controls

BPM offers interim support in key managerial positions, such as CFO, CRO, and CEO. We provide continuity of services to take you from the turnaround phase into value creation and growth acceleration.