Artificial intelligence (AI)

Are you AI-ready?

AI as a business enabler for middle-market companies

The artificial intelligence (AI) revolution has arrived, fundamentally shifting the way business is done and the future of work across industries. Now is the time to consider how to maximize the transformational value AI can bring to your organization. Ignoring the opportunities AI can offer today could put you behind your competition tomorrow.

AI knowledge check for executives and leaders

With AI already playing an increasingly significant role in the personal and professional lives of your employees, business leaders need to have a firm understanding of the following:

  • How AI is currently being used within their
  • Where the opportunities are to leverage AI to unlock value in the near, mid and long term.
  • What the value is of the intellectual property created in the current AI environment.

The potential of AI

AI, robotics and process automation have existed for some time and have evolved over the years. More recent uses of these technologies have helped to fuel a new era of business productivity and growth. That journey is accelerating quickly, but at the same time, only in its infancy. Forrester recently named generative AI a top emerging technology of 2023, citing its “astounding capabilities” and potential to deliver benefits for most organizations.

By some estimates, the impact on productivity that generative AI offers could add trillions of dollars in value to the global economy. There are significant potential near-term impacts anticipated on the banking, technology and life science sectors. Functions such as supply chain management, inventory, audit, cybersecurity, fraud, marketing, sales, software engineering and R&D across all industries will also be transformed.

BPM: Leading the way for AI implementations in the middle market

Our seasoned professionals across Advisory, Technology, Cyber Risk and more are leading the charge to bring AI and process automation to middle-market companies. As a middle-market firm ourselves, we know firsthand about AI’s opportunities, risks and challenges as we work to implement these principles into our own operations. Our team has the background, knowledge and personal experience needed to guide you through every stage of your AI journey.