Managed IT Support Services

To meet the evolving demands of today’s workplace requires a seamless digital experience. Service desk support can be a serious drain on IT resources for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

IT Managed Service

The truth is, most internal IT departments at these companies aren’t equipped to keep up with today’s pace of change and innovation. Many feel overwhelmed trying to meet the challenge.

IT Consulting: More Than Just Tech Support

BPM’s Managed IT Service team works as a partner with your small or medium-sized business. We aren’t just here with help-desk support when things go wrong. We work with you to understand your business processes and goals. We provide decision support and guidance to find solutions to modernize and implement your IT systems and processes.

By taking on your business’s IT functions, we help you keep your organization nimble and efficient.

  • BPM’s Managed IT Services deliver on superior customer service, recognized with a 92.6% Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score in 2021.*

Managed IT and Service Desk Services

Available on a prepaid or an hourly, ad hoc basis, our services scale with your business needs in ways that an in-house team or individual simply can’t. Our services and features include:

  • On-Site Care
    Access to regular in-office support by a dedicated technician who knows your business and your technology. We support you with day-to-day issues and big picture modernization projects.
  • Remote Help
    Outside of our regular on-site appointments, we can remotely solve many common issues (e.g., computer lockouts, software updates, etc.). This remote capability allows us to meet you and your employees wherever you are — office, home, or abroad.
  • Modernized Systems
    We implement and connect powerful cloud systems to remotely monitor your internet connection, servers, performance, and availability, so we can quickly fix any issues.

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Modernizing the Onboarding Process

To meet today’s challenges, you need efficient systems and a modernized onboarding process. By the time we are finished, your employees will have the tools and technology they need to succeed within the first two days on the job.

  • Cloud-Based, System-Agnostic Onboarding
    The people you hire are vital to make your business grow and succeed. To enable their success, we will build an environment with cloud-based solutions that can work on all operating systems. This means your employees can work on the operating system that best suits their needs and comfort.
  • Understanding Your Technology Purchases

Our Managed IT Team works with you to learn:

  • Where and how you buy computers for new employees
  • What systems your business uses every day
  • What happens to program licenses and computers when an employee leaves
  • 24/7 IT Systems Monitoring
    We remotely monitor your internet connection, servers, performance, and availability 24/7 and quickly fix any issues that arise.
  • IT Systems Updates
    A growing business will eventually outgrow old systems. We ensure you spend your IT budget wisely to invest in the right technology, at the right time.

*Net Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score provided by SmileBack, based on client responses from January 1, 2021-October 15, 2021.