Transaction Advisory

Minimize risk, maximize value and close the deal with a dedicated Transaction Advisory Services partner at your side.

BPM’s Transaction Advisory Services are designed to empower well-informed decision-making. Whether you’re considering buying, selling or merging businesses, our services make the transaction experience as seamless as possible.

BPM’s Transaction Advisory Services

M&A Support
From initial assessment and due diligence to deal structuring, negotiation and post-merger integration, our strategic advice and comprehensive assistance throughout the merger and acquisition process ensure a smooth and successful transaction for all parties involved.

Financial Due Diligence and Quality of Earnings (QoE) – Buy-Side and Sell-Side
Our comprehensive financial due diligence and detailed QoE reports provide critical insights into a company’s financial health. They involve a thorough analysis of financial statements and earnings quality, identifying any risks, anomalies or non-recurring items that could affect the valuation and success of a transaction.

Tax and M&A Structuring
With a focus on optimizing tax outcomes and minimizing liabilities, we conduct thorough tax due diligence, design transaction structures and ensure compliance with tax regulations.

Cyber Due Diligence
We evaluate all areas of your cybersecurity and digital assets to identify potential risks, vulnerabilities and liabilities. This includes reviewing cybersecurity policies, procedures, standards and practices to protect information and comply with regulations, conducting penetration testing, and testing controls for IP and regulated data.

IT Due Diligence
We comprehensively evaluate your company’s information technology systems, infrastructure and capabilities. By analyzing the overall health and effectiveness of target IT areas, IT due diligence analyzes technological strengths and weaknesses to identify risks, potential synergies and cost-saving opportunities.

Human Resources Due Diligence
It is crucial to analyze your company’s organizational and compensation structures, HR practices and policies, turnover trends and more. This evaluation allows us to analyze leadership and management, identify gaps, and assess the overall people environment to align with strategic and operational objectives.

Market Assessments
A thorough analysis of market trends, competitive landscapes and customer demands is essential for informed decision-making. By evaluating a market’s opportunities, challenges, regulatory environment and technological advancements, we provide you with more context to make informed decisions.

IPO Readiness
We help you prepare for successful public offerings by ensuring your company meets regulatory requirements, financial reporting standards and corporate governance practices. We also prepare management for the rigors of public company reporting and investor relations, and provide strategic advice on capital market transactions to optimize your company’s valuation and market positioning.

Transaction Advisory Services that maximize value

M&A transactions are demanding, and the journey toward closing a deal is fraught with potential stumbling blocks. Financial discrepancies, legal issues, misaligned objectives and other hurdles can result in prolonged negotiations and increased costs. Worse, the time and stress involved in managing a deal can detract from operations, slowing growth and further endangering your transaction.

Without the right Transaction Advisory Services partner, valuations can diminish, and deals may come to a standstill, or worse, fall through entirely. However, with the proper Transaction Advisory Services team, you can maintain momentum and successfully close the deal. A proficient team can adeptly recognize, comprehend and navigate obstacles, offering expert guidance that streamlines the M&A process, thus enhancing the likelihood of success. Importantly, your Transaction Advisory Services partner can handle the heavy lifting, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best: managing your business.

BPM’s Transaction Advisory Services team is the partner you need.


BPM’s dedicated Transition Advisory Service team is focused solely on transactions.

But, why is this important?

You may have heard the phrase, “Time kills deals.” And it’s true — the longer a transaction takes, the more likely it is to fail. That’s why having a dedicated team on your side is so important. With no distractions, we are 100% focused on our clients. That means we can get deals across the finish line quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Our exclusive focus also translates to extensive knowledge and experience, as well as personalized attention. With decades of experience serving both buy-side and sell-side clients, we have a deep understanding of the risks and opportunities inherent in every deal. By anticipating potential issues and responding accordingly, we mitigate risks, enhance deal value and optimize the likelihood of a successful outcome.

Finally, our team of specialists is committed to studying the latest market trends, regulatory changes and best practices, ensuring the most comprehensive, up-to-date advice for our clients.

No two clients — and no two transactions — are alike. BPM’s Transaction Advisory Services team provides customized support and innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of your business transaction.