BPM Alumni

By now you’re familiar with our motto, “Because People Matter”, which extends to also ensuring that our own people are always taken care of, even after they move on from BPM. At BPM, we strongly believe that people are at the center of our success and our continued ability to provide high-quality service. Whether in the office or in our community, passionate and talented people make all the difference.

Our goal in creating a comprehensive BPM Alumni Network is to give back to those who have contributed so much to elevate the BPM standard of work and mission statement. Our Alumni Network provides easy and efficient ways to stay connected to the relationships you’ve worked hard to build within the BPM community. This web-based tool will give you premiere access to BPM Alumni news and events, important industry news, as well as a place to engage with former colleagues and friends.

We are committed to honoring the achievements of our BPM family and are grateful for your involvement over the years.

Whether you worked at BPM for one year or ten, we want to stay in touch. If you are a former colleague, join our network and stay current with developments through CPE programs, communications, alumni events and more.

Join our BPM Alumni Network on LinkedIn to keep in touch with what’s happening at BPM.