BPM + Reveald

Cyber risk is no game. What’s your move?

Every organization wants attention. Every business wants the eyes of customers, targets and markets.

What you don’t want looking at you? Digital thieves. Snoopers and bots. Spoofers and ransomware agents. And they’re looking.

BPM + Reveald’s Epiphany Intelligence Platform

Today’s challenge is not only identifying risks you don’t know about and openings you haven’t secured. You have to know what to prioritize and how soon to act.

A top-level threat management software-as-a-service (SAAS) solution, Reveald’s Epiphany Intelligence Platform™ provides holistic, comprehensive, automated exploit threat analysis across a corporate network.

  • It prioritizes cybersecurity risks based on context — the risks to your specific business.
  • It integrates threat analysis across your network environment.
  • It delivers crucial context to help highlight gaps in your security systems, cyber risk management protocols and behaviors.
  • It aggregates information from existing security controls to examine every potential vulnerability exactly as a threat actor would, exposing the most likely attack paths an adversary could take and helping you shut them down.

The Epiphany Intelligence Platform™ harnesses the power of existing security controls and IT infrastructure tools to evaluate the environment and help you understand the risks that can cause a material impact. It is a simple, powerful way to get the most out of your existing cybersecurity portfolio.

When you play whack-a-mole, you’re running around the field waiting for what pops up next. That’s not strategic — and these aren’t moles. You have to defeat an intelligent opponent committed to exploring and exploiting your every vulnerability. You need to know your weak points, then gauge your opponent’s likely next moves. BPM and Reveald can do that automatically, across your networks. We put you on offense in a game you have to win.Fred Rica, Director BPM Cyber Risk Advisory Services

Stopping attacks: A comprehensive approach

Enterprises fail at reducing their exposure to threats through self-assessment of risks because of unrealistic, siloed and tool-centric approaches. Security and risk management leaders must initiate and mature a continuous threat exposure management program to stay ahead of threats.

…A continuous threat exposure management (CTEM) programme is an integrated, iterative approach to prioritizing potential treatments and continually refining security posture improvements. …By 2026, organizations prioritizing their security investments based on a continuous exposure management programme will be three times less likely to suffer from a breach. – Gartner

In the global cybergame of move and countermove, the viability of your business and your reputation are at stake. You can’t react to threats as they occur. You need to adopt a proactive program of Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM), stopping attacks before they can breach a critical system.

BPM and Reveald together give you CTEM capability. You can proactively reduce the risk of exploits to your critical IT assets and users.

When we deploy, we’re not looking to replace your existing tools and protocols. Our objective is to enhance and optimize, complement and harden. To move at the speed that your risks are evolving. Our solution aggregates data from your multiple input sources to highlight vulnerabilities and proactively identify which threats are most pressing — based on the risks most relevant to your business context.

That helps you:

  • Assess in real-time what attackers could exploit in your environment.
  • Swiftly prioritize exposures for remediation.
  • Deploy fixes that prevent material impacts.

Because BPM implements Reveald’s Epiphany Intelligence Platform™ to automate this process, we free your internal resources to focus on how best to mitigate risk. And you can gauge the effectiveness of your existing suite of tools and protocols, reducing redundant software in your cyber risk management portfolio.

Cross-platform interoperability

Any addition to your cybersecurity portfolio program should not only increase your ability to defeat exploits. It should also help you rationalize and reduce risk management costs, by reducing the time and effort expended by your cyber risk management team and/or by replacing redundant tools.

BPM can help you implement the Epiphany Intelligence Platform™ as a data aggregator and real-time processing software with little to no friction. The solution ingests data from all your existing systems without affecting your operations. It then automates prioritizing risks based on their specific business context.

The Epiphany Intelligence Platform™ works seamlessly with a full range of security software, including Claroty, Cylance, CrowdStrike, Microsoft, Malwarebytes, Qualys, Rapid7, SentinelOne, Tenable, Trend, VMware and more.

BPM helps you demonstrably lessen risk — even as it affords you insight into which of your existing tools are returning optimally on your investment.