Technology services that grow with your business

Tech Industry Expertise

The tech industry is inspired by disruptive innovation. It’s this disruption that creates the things that move our lives forward — and it’s also what creates such unique and complex challenges for the industry. You’re constantly working to stay ahead of the latest advancements and capitalize on market opportunities before they become obsolete.

Technology trends are always shifting and evolving. Through all that growth and adaptation, you also have to navigate the rapidly changing financial, regulatory, operational and accounting landscapes in order to keep your organization growing, evolving and innovating.

BPM’s Technology Industry Group: On the ground floor of innovation

When you partner with BPM, you don’t have to do it alone. Our multi-disciplined professionals have years of experience guiding leaders through the stages of technology companies — from start-up through growth and liquidity. And our knowledge spans from semiconductors to software, from cloud computing to CleanTech, and from traditional networking and hardware to the latest artificial intelligence.

BPM Partner David Aiello explains how we’re on the frontlines of innovation—working alongside our technology clients as they bring new ideas to market.

Choose a nimble partner with an entrepreneurial spirit.

We’ve worked with tech companies of all sizes, from venture-backed startups to multinational public companies. Born in the heart of Silicon Valley, we share our clients’ excitement for approaching common issues in different ways and seeking out new solutions to address them.

We’re here to support you through every stage of your business’ lifecycle with a complete package that fits your evolving needs. We handle all varieties of accounting needs — including revenue recognition, inventory valuation and obsolescence, debt and equity financings, IFRS, and fair value accounting.

We’ll help you establish internal accounting controls, perform audits of your financial statements and select the right people for your team. And we’ll tackle your most challenging tax issues, including corporate and international tax, as well as tax compliance.

Additionally, with our broad range of advisory and consulting services, we can work with you on systems implementation, cybersecurity, HR compliance and consulting, M&A consulting and more.

We grow with you.

Our expertise doesn’t stop at tax and accounting. BPM offers a broad range of advisory and consulting services — so we can help craft a complete package that fits your needs today, tomorrow and well into the future.