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In an ever-changing and multi-dimensional real estate market, it’s important to have a partner who brings you peace of mind and helps you protect your assets. From real estate trends and keeping up with changing rules and regulations, to navigating different business challenges, our dedicated team of real estate professionals is here to support your tax, accounting and consulting needs.

BPM’s Real Estate Industry Group: Laser-focused on our clients

BPM Partner and Real Estate Leader Mark Leverette explains how we bring best-in-class advice, strategy and technology to power our clients’ work in the market.

Traditional CPA services.

As a CPA firm at our center, we have professionals that focus on tax and accounting geared towards compliance, interpretation of regulations and financial statement presentation. They are well-versed in real estate industry-specific accounting guidance.

Services to help you maximize your portfolio’s potential.

In addition to working with a wide variety of real estate clients, including corporate real estate, real estate investment portfolios, developers and private equity / REITs, many of the professionals on our team have direct experience with running a real estate company or managing a portfolio.

With a deep understanding of the real estate business environment, real estate trends and the future of real estate, we’ll help you get strategic about the way you invest in and manage your assets, from entity structures in partnerships or corporations, to modeling acquisitions and financing. We’ll offer you strategic guidance on the tax and financial effects of raising funds through various entities and capital structures, and tools such as private equity and real estate investment trusts. And we’ll work together to upgrade your systems or processes, making sure you’re compliant with all the latest tax regulations and financial presentation.

With BPM as your partner, you can spend less time worrying about your accounting and tax compliance — and more time focused on value creation through the management and operations of your business.

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Real Estate Market Pulse Survey 2024

With high interest rates and falling occupancy rates, our annual Real Estate Market Pulse Survey found that real estate executives are bracing for another turbulent year ahead.

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