Recruitment Fraud Alert

Fraud alert for job seekers

Beware recruitment fraud is on an upward trend

We want to make you aware of an alarming increase in fake job recruitment scams that are affecting companies of all sizes and industries. Fraudulent entities posing as legitimate recruiters are targeting job seekers with fake jobs. Victims of these scams can suffer financial losses or identity theft.

These scams often involve sophisticated schemes that seem genuine, displaying lucrative salary packages and enticing benefits. Scammers may ask for upfront payments, citing reasons such as application fees, visa processing, training or background checks. It is essential to remember that legitimate companies will rarely ask for any money from potential employees.

We urge you to exercise caution during your job search:

  1. Never provide personal or financial information unless you have confirmed the company’s legitimacy.
  2. Always independently verify the contact details of the company listed in job postings.
  3. Be skeptical of unsolicited job offers, particularly those promising high returns for low-effort work or requiring an immediate start.

At BPM, we care about your security and privacy. Please stay vigilant, well-informed and cautious about potential threats in your job search. For more information, please read the Federal Trade Commission’s warning about job scams.


Did the scammer get my data as a result of a compromised system?
No. There are many ways the scammer can get your information without compromising a system. For example, suppose you indicate that you are open to new job opportunities on popular job sites. In that case, the scammer can purchase a list of job seekers in a specific industry or with a specific keyword in the job seeker’s resume. While these lists are meant for legitimate business purposes, the list can also be used for malicious intent.

Where is BPM’s official job opportunities list? You can also get to this site from our website.

If I have questions, who can I contact?
Please direct any questions to our talent acquisition team at the following email address: [email protected].

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