Forensic Accounting Litigation Support

Dispute Resolution, Forensic Accounting, and Litigation Support

In the face of an unplanned disruption, BPM’s corporate dispute resolution and forensic accounting experts help companies respond, recover, and emerge stronger. Our deep expertise in mediated settlements, forensic accounting, and litigation support leads our clients to fair settlements and positive outcomes.

Uncertainty is inevitable in the face of corporate disputes and other disruptions. BPM helps resolve these disruptions quickly and efficiently so you can have peace of mind and get back to business. We provide guidance in all phases of the dispute resolution process — from discovery to settlement negotiations — so you’re never left guessing what comes next.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Mediation

The legal world can be intimidating, and there are times when settlement can’t be reached without professional assistance. ADR attempts to help disputants reach an agreement through mediation.

BPM offers ADR services to help mitigate the complexities of bankruptcy, commercial litigation, or arbitration. Our professionals are trained to the highest standards of mediation. Opting into this process can be a cost effective alternative to court proceedings that allows both parties to retain control of the outcome.

Our approach to mediation services includes:

  • Clearly understanding each party’s position
  • Fostering an environment focused on resolution
  • Focusing settlement agreements and gaining the affirmation of all parties
  • Identifying and clarifying steps to ensure compliance

Forensic Accounting and Litigation Support

In matters involving inaccurate or misapplied accounting processes, trust and urgency are paramount in the resolution. Whether caused by mistake or fraud, your clients expect transparency and efficiency.

The BPM team ensures the highest standards for detection, assessment, and analysis. Our team of experts works closely with you to determine whether fraud or mismanagement has occurred. We’ll also examine your business control environment to identify and mitigate any weaknesses, and integrate comprehensive controls to leverage your organization’s strengths and improve your overall efficiency and security.

BPM follows the AICPA’s Professional Standards for Forensic Accounting Service Providers (Statement on Standards for Forensic Services No. 1).