Understanding your business and the accounting risks you face is our top priority.

That’s why we created the BPM Audit. It’s an intelligent, efficient, risk based approach to planning your audit that’s driven by world-class service.

We meet often with your team to identify key cost and revenue drivers as well as potential areas of concern, we ask the right questions to hone in on your needs. By learning everything we can about your business and the challenges you face, we’re able to assess the risks associated with your control environment and information systems. This allows us to identify areas where you are most susceptible to misstatement, and develop a focused audit plan to prevent unnecessary time and effort being spent on immaterial items.

Armed with an in-depth knowledge of your business, our experienced assurance professionals provide the highest level of service within the tightest deadlines. And with a very low rate of staff turnover, you’ll benefit from consistent service and less retraining. BPM employs precise technology to free clients from the burden of paperwork, using our EPACE auditing software and paperless filing system. Overall, you’ll get an intelligent, efficient, risk based, and service-driven audit that generates insights and advances your company towards its definition of success.