ESG Advisory Services

Whether mission-driven or profit-driven, organizations can greatly benefit from ESG Advisory Services.

ESG. Not just good. Good for business.

For practical reasons and as an ethical imperative, today’s organizations are actively seeking to limit environmental impacts, reduce operating costs and realize social objectives, including promoting equity and diversity.

Alongside these objectives and to support them, leaders are focused on embedding governance procedures at the foundation of their organizations — not only to meet compliance requirements but to show stakeholders they are doing the right things the right way.

You know what it is. How do you get there? Holistically.

Fundamental drivers for ESG include streamlining and simplifying compliance with evolving regulations, greater efficiency and lower operating costs, and improved business processes — from manufacturing operations to supply chain resiliency.

Your foremost focus should be on designing and implementing a program that addresses the full range of your organization’s operational needs and objectives. That means moving from compliance, cost controls and carbon accounting to strategically managing risk and opportunity. BPM can help.

Partnering with people. Benefiting companies and communities

Perhaps you run a growing corporation seeking to comply with evolving regulations, or head a nonprofit and want to reflect your mission and vision to a range of audiences. Perhaps your organization has existing programs you want to audit and verify are effective, or your company is embarking on an effort to implement environmental, social and governance programs.

Whatever your circumstances, a focused ESG assessment will determine the materiality of your current risks and opportunities, allowing you to implement programs and plans to realize your sustainability objectives. Our services include:

  • Benchmarking to industry peers or market-leading organizations.
  • ESG materiality assessments to focus on business-critical areas.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions accounting, target setting and reporting.
  • ESG planning, program design and implementation.
  • Performance reviews and performance management.
  • Stakeholder education.

We assist small and midsized entrepreneurial companies and nonprofit organizations in building equitable, resilient organizations that enable people and communities to thrive.

You can’t improve if you don’t measure.

As organizations seek to operate sustainably, uphold their principles and demonstrate their commitment to ESG, many are grappling with how best to monitor, measure and report impact.

BPM provides best-in-class software solutions that allow executives and managers to measure and monitor performance against the broad range of ESG objectives; comprehensively address regulatory risk and compliance; and track carbon emissions, set science-based targets, develop data-driven reduction strategies and provide transparent reports.

The combination of our solutions supports a holistic strategy for realizing sustainable operations, quantifying ESG impacts and accurately reporting.

Future-proofing the forward-looking organization

Many organizations are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint — or eliminate it entirely. BPM provides carbon emissions targets, benchmarking and progress tracking for both for-profit and nonprofit corporations. Measurement and reporting are vital components of a successful sustainability initiative.

Doing good. The right way.

ESG not only incorporates practical tools to help you realize your objectives, but embeds a set of ethical principles. Done right, it becomes a framework for governance that guides the organization’s strategic agenda and drives it forward.

As a full-service accounting, tax and advisory firm, BPM appreciates the importance of ESG principles — for your customers, your brand and the public. We implement ESG in a way that makes a tangible difference across your organization. We offer guidance and practical assistance on a range of financial and compliance issues toward supporting your growth, reflecting your agenda and ensuring you meet the expectations of your stakeholders.

From point solutions, such as compliance risk management to carbon emissions accounting and reporting, from regulatory compliance to developing and implementing a sustainability strategy to promoting initiatives that promote diversity, equity and inclusion, BPM can provide an integrated approach to help you achieve your mission.

For your people. Your organization. And our planet.

ESG is simply good business. Alongside demonstrating social responsibility and reflecting your organization’s values, ESG principles are the means to better realizing your financial and strategic objectives.