Tax Planning & Compliance

Any business and investment decision you make will have tax consequences, which become burdens without the proper foresight.

In today’s complex world, tax planning in the areas of retirement, estates and trusts, and others, is becoming increasingly important to achieving your desired results.

BPM’s professionals possess deep expertise in the tax law, so that we can minimize your tax liabilities and help you save. We employ an approach completely tailored to you and your family’s needs. As your trusted advisor, we assess your situation in order to realize your goals and your ambitions. Our goals are very clear: to proactively help you develop tax strategies that ensure maximum cash flow, minimum liability, and compliance with ever-evolving tax laws.

Tax Compliance

With your wealth dispersed through many channels, it may be difficult to track the rules that govern your investment and financial decisions. However, with the increasing number of regulations and penalties out there, tax compliance is important to staying on track.

Your goals needn’t conflict with your obligations however – BPM’s tax experts are deeply experienced in compliance and reporting work for our individual tax clients. For over 25 years, we have proactively managed our clients’ financial plans, ensuring that they are in full compliance with the laws to avoid any unnecessary expense and paperwork. Ultimately, we will ease your minds and clear up your concerns.

Multinational Families

When your wealth and investments are distributed in countries besides the U.S., it can be difficult to navigate the regulations set in place by the different taxing authorities. In addition, there are many tax planning tools in place for multinational families, so the chance to maximize your savings and mitigate your risk are high with the assistance of qualified tax professionals.

BPM’s practice working with multinational families and nonresidents is without equal. We have in-depth expertise working with families that have family members, assets, entities, businesses, and philanthropic activities in multiple jurisdictions – as well as founders of technology companies that tend to be serial entrepreneurs with ties to more than one country.

IRS Controversy Representation

In the event that your tax return statements are called into question by the IRS or state taxing authorities, you can benefit from the assistance of knowledgeable experts experienced in dealing with these different agencies.

BPM’s tax advisors offer deep experience in handling the intricacies of the IRS and other authorities. With our representation, alternative solutions can be developed and taxes can be minimized.