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You take care of your clients. We’ll take care of you.

Service Industry Expertise

As a professional service provider, you’re focused on delivering the highest quality services for your clients. And at BPM, we’re focused on making sure you get the same level of care and expertise for your own business.

Our cross-functional team has a deep understanding of the unique financial, operational, resourcing and technology complexities of your industry — and we’ll be there to help you solve for them in the most efficient and profitable ways.

We work with professionals of all kinds — including attorneys, architects, consultants, staffing agencies, medical providers and advertising agencies — who experience many of the same challenges. But even your common issues come with nuanced needs. So we’ll work together to decide which tactics and solutions are right for your business.

BPM’s Professional Services Industry Group: Sharing common ground

Senior Manager and Professional Services Co-Leader Alan Alvarez Luna explains that since BPM is also a professional services firm, we share common ground with our clients—seeing similar challenges and opportunities.

We bring you the full range of our experience and expertise.

While our professional services clients often come to us for tax, assurance and accounting needs first, our expertise goes far beyond what you might expect from other CPA firms.

As we learn about your business and get to understand your needs, we’ll connect you with other members of our team who can offer advisory services that help ensure smooth and efficient day-to-day operations. Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered — with everything from outsourced IT and HR services to cybersecurity and data privacy solutions.

We’re also passionate about helping our clients stay up-to-date and ahead of the curve. We love bringing together different professionals to share their knowledge, discuss current issues and highlight new opportunities through community events such as industry roundtables.

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Get a deep, accurate analysis of your business for greater compliance, smarter risk-taking and insightful reporting.   From your basic tax needs to your strategic planning, BPM has the experience and expertise you need.   Consulting and advisory support that meets you where you are and fills in the gaps on your team.