Consumer Business

Many US consumer business companies continue to face intense competition, slow growth, rising costs, a shift in power to the retailer, a growth of private label brands and waning pricing power.

This sector is highly dependent on consumers to drive sales and is price sensitive to such economic issues as rising commodity prices, interest rates, unemployment, energy costs, a weakening dollar and consumer confidence levels.

To remain competitive, consumer business companies need to ensure that they are attuned to shifting consumer demographics, the increasing influence of digital media on brand information and value decisions, discerning purchase behavior, as well as the importance of corporate social responsibility, while focusing on driving topline growth and protecting margins.

BPM’s Consumer Business Industry Group is committed to providing you with financial strategies to increase your efficiency and help you compete in a dynamic market. With our deep industry experience, we focus on your business’s short and long-term goals. Our professionals have many years’ experience working with both consumer business and retail clients—including those in the growing natural and organic food industry—and are capable of providing audit, tax, and consulting services that will ultimately keep your customers satisfied.

Areas we serve:

  • Retail
  • Online retail (apparel and footwear)
  • Food processing
  • Natural and organic foods
  • Manufacturing
  • Personal and household products
  • Wholesale and distribution

Marketplace forces have evolved significantly in the consumer-driven industry of retail. Changes in consumer preferences and trends have accelerated quickly, creating a greater urgency for retailers to address new marketplace realities.

Retail growth and the ability to maintain profit margins will be challenging as a result of a number of factors including high operating expenses, market saturation, an aging population, the rise of multichannel buying, less affluent buyers, the rise of digital media to influence purchase decisions, and diminished consumer loyalty. That’s why BPM is committed to helping consumer organizations remain extremely focused on operations, mitigate risks, and tirelessly reduce operating costs.

Industry Focus: Natural and Organic Foods

This growing segment of the consumer business market represents a complex product lifecycle that’s impacted by resource supply and demand, environmental legislation and safety issues, and ever-evolving consumer preferences. Navigating the marketplace requires a keen understanding of its opportunities and challenges—and a strategy to manage top and bottom line financial health.

BPM is deeply ingrained in the natural foods ecosystem. Serving as industry association members and thought leaders, we are often asked to speak at events attracting diverse players across the industry. We are uniquely qualified to advise natural food clients through their lifecycle, providing direction at every stage of growth.

Sectors we are proud to represent:

  • Beer
  • Manufacturing
  • Online Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Food
  • Spirits
  • Suppliers
  • Wholesale
  • Wine/Vineyards

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