Knowledge empowers.

BPM University (BPMU) is an internal training platform where our growth mindset, classroom skill building, hands-on experiences and self-led discovery come together to create a unique learning environment.

BPMU gives colleagues access to over 100 internal live classes, workshops and seminars, as well as external industry conferences. Our online library contains over 2,000 web-based offerings to provide flexibility in learning.

Technical accounting.

Hone current skills and build new ones with classes, activities and articles geared toward key technical competencies.

Business and industry updates.

Stay informed and ahead of the latest news in the industries and vertical markets we serve.

Soft-skills and leadership development.

Get help with everything from becoming a stronger presenter to leading with confidence.

Personal brand.

Learn how to be conscious and intentional about the professional image you project into the world.

Do meaningful work — and build a meaningful career.

We’re looking for caring, curious people who want to make a positive impact on their colleagues, clients and communities. Sound like you? Come work with us!