Business Applications

Technology solutions for your critical finance and HR functions

Selecting and implementing enterprise business applications can be complicated, not to mention optimizing those systems to meet your organization’s specifications and requirements.

BPM’s approach to systems selection and optimization combines our technical skills with deep accounting and operational experience. Our goal is to leverage the right technology to improve your business operations, ranging from cloud-based accounting and HR support to fully-integrated enterprise systems.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Customer Relationship Management (CRM) BPM Link Progressive Performance Tool Enterprise Business Application Development & Customization On-going Support and Consultation

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

For unifying critical business functions in a single enterprise-wide system, BPM provides a full suite of tech consultation, implementation, customization, training, and maintenance services.

  • Project management

  • Application administration

  • Upgrade support

  • Level-one direct access

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Learn more about BPM’s Sage Intacct offering

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

As High-Touch Tech Consultants, we provide an unparalleled, 360-degree view of your customers across the entire customer lifecycle — empowering business development, sales teams, marketing departments and customer service operations.

  • Streamline leads

  • Elevate productivity

  • Manage global sales, marketing, and services

  • Remote access

Learn more about BPM’s NetSuite offering

BPM Link Progressive Performance Tool

BPM Link is a simple to use, employee-driven, visually appealing and intuitive platform that aligns each employees’ work to the strategic direction of the organization. The technology easily supports nimble communication through guided conversations, facilitates an agile work environment and uncovers gaps between employee perceptions and realities of organizational objectives.

BPM Link facilitates:

  • Guided 1:1’s

  • Self-appraisals

  • Strategic alignment

  • Employee driven goal setting and tracking

  • Visibility of purpose & values

  • Recognition

  • Increased transparency

  • 360 feedback

  • Real-time insights

Learn more about BPM Link

Enterprise Business Application Development & Customization

BPM is one of the few firms to offer in-house software development services — including monthly monitoring and testing to ensure accuracy throughout system update and process changes. Our enterprise business application development team can custom-tailor applications, integrating them with third-party systems to meet your specific needs, including:

  • Approval processes

  • Custom report pages

  • Customization review and optimization

  • Customer database integration

  • Dynamic transaction forms

  • Dynamic email templates

  • Process automation

Ongoing Support & Consultation

BPM is committed to implementing powerful cloud-based technologies that work together to shore up any security holes created by previously disjointed systems. These cloud technologies automatically update, without hidden fees, and scale as your company grows.

Our team can also help you manage the “people” impact of your system change, smoothing the internal transition. Once a solution is in place, we provide ongoing support to ensure your processes and systems keep running smoothly.

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