Our assurance services go far beyond evaluating financial statements. We give you a deep, honest look at your business — from audits and information security to internal controls — that enable you to know where you’re at so you can move forward with confidence.

Because We Care About Your Business

We build deep connections that lead to better results. It starts with taking an industry-led, cross-functional approach to staffing client teams. We take a 360-degree view of the entire business and identify solutions directly tailored for each specific need. Our teams are made up of the most-qualified people to help clients deal with short-term challenges and achieve long-term goals.

Audits from Industry Pros

Ensuring you’re being compliant in a way that enables you to strengthen your business starts with choosing the right people to conduct your audits. Our advisors know how an audit needs to be conducted specific to how your industry operates.

Our audit team is made up of people who have been in the same trenches as you have and know how to navigate the landscape. Whether you need help with SEC auditing, government compliance standards, regulatory requirements, pension audits, or technical accounting, you can rely on BPM’s audit team for:

More Secure and Transparent with IT Assurance

Keeping your information and technical connections secure when technology advances so quickly continues to be a challenge for growing companies. Add to that increased pressure to provide transparency around how businesses secure and store consumer data, and you have a real need for IT assurance and reporting.

BPM offers a specialized team of experts in IT assurance who can work seamlessly with businesses to gather information about internal processes and controls related to information systems and data security. We can help you with:


There’s a big difference when your audits are conducted by people who know how your industry operates.

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IT Assurance

Safeguarding your organization’s information systems and data is becoming more important daily.

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Risk Assurance

Understanding and managing risk is crucial to growing businesses.

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Manage Risk with Assurance from BPM

The larger your business grows, the more risk you take on. While risk can offer opportunities to make strategic moves, controlling the amount of financial, operational, regulatory, or technological risks you are exposed to is smart business.

BPM’s Risk Assurance practice gives you access to resources in all of these areas. Our priority is helping you understand and manage risk, then leverage it as a key driver of increased stakeholder value. You can turn to our team for: