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BPM Wealth Management is a dedicated team within BPM that provides financial planning, investment advice and insurance advisory services to individuals, families and businesses seeking to plan for their future by building wealth and preserving assets.

We provide personalized advice and guidance on investment strategies, retirement and tax planning, estate planning, and insurance coverages. Our objective is to give you reasonable and sound advice through effective comprehensive plans, so you realize your investment and wealth planning objectives while maintaining peace of mind.

BPM Wealth Management complements our Firm’s existing accounting, advisory and tax services, providing counsel on investments and on managing and reducing risk across a portfolio of client assets. We are attuned to the needs of individuals and families, company owners and executives, and we serve other clients seeking investment advice and guidance on a range of topics.

Mike Watson, Director BPM Wealth Management

What we offer

BPM Wealth Management provides the following services:

  • Investment Management – For clients with investable assets of >$1 million, and nonprofit organizations with investable assets of >$2 million, we help develop and manage a diversified portfolio based on their risk tolerance, financial goals and investment horizon. Our approach combines passive and active management to maximize returns while minimizing risk, and our services are particularly suitable for clients with concentrated stock positions or portfolios that lack diversification.
  • Retirement Planning – We help clients plan for a financially secure retirement by developing a retirement income plan, analyzing Social Security benefits, providing insights about tax-efficient retirement savings and planning their charitable giving. We also assist clients in reducing their tax burden by minimizing the impact of taxes on investment returns through tax-loss harvesting, adopting Roth IRA conversions where desirable and optimizing the sale of assets.
  • Insurance – We provide clients with a full-service insurance offering, including reviews of existing life insurance policies and life settlements, disability and long-term care insurance, annuities, and related planning. Thereafter, we conduct annual policy reviews to ensure policies are performing as intended.
  • Qualified Retirement Planning – For business owners and companies with retirement plan assets of $5 million or more, we establish or amend executive benefit plans. We advise business owners on implementing Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) 3(38) retirement plans that can attract and retain employees while fulfilling the company’s fiduciary obligations.

Our comprehensive financial planning services help clients meet their long-term goals by goal setting, budgeting, saving and investing for education plans, managing cash flow and debt, and tax planning.

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Our dedicated team offers three complementary wealth management services where we can add immediate value to individuals and business owners. We can:

  •  Provide a Life Insurance Policy Review, examining existing policies to review that they are appropriately funded and can provide the appropriate coverage for your forecast needs.
  • Conduct Retirement Plan Reviews, giving business owners with ERISA plans optimal solutions to help them meet their fiduciary obligations, including benchmarking fee arrangements and establishing available funds.
  • Perform Investment Portfolio Reviews for clients with aggregate investments in excess of $1 million.

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