Life Cycle Assessment

Unlocking Value across the Business Lifecycle

BPM’s blueprint for growth for innovative companies

Every innovative company has a unique growth trajectory. However, there is a typical progression of phases for most rapid-growth organizations—a journey with three distinct phases:


At BPM, we have the experience, tools and resources to guide you through each stage of growth. We help you anticipate and address demands that may arise—helping you capitalize on opportunities along the way.

BPM: A focus on the middle markets

At BPM, we are technically skilled at helping middle market companies navigate every stage of the growth lifecycle. And just like you, we are a middle market firm ourselves. That means you get the expertise of a larger firm combined with the flexibility of a smaller organization.

This combinations enables us to quickly shift plans as market conditions evolve – partnering with you to chart the best possible course forward.


At this point, you are typically seed/VC-backed and increasingly monitored by institutional outsiders but may still be considered “pre-commercial.” You’re still working hard to get your business off the ground, but also envisioning and planning for the road ahead.

Growth & Expansion

Your business is rapidly expanding in terms of revenues, products, funding and hiring. You’ll often see new products coming to market, expansion into new geographies, and the steady hiring of talent at all levels. It’s critical at this stage to establish an in-house compliance and accounting function or an outsourced model. It’s also time to formalize operations including integrating Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.


Are you ready to go public? Or will current market conditions shift your plans in another direction? Whether it’s an IPO, a merger, sale or another path—this is where the hard work and planning pays off and your next chapter begins.