Certified B Corp

B Corps are for-profit companies dedicated to using business as a force for good.

Companies that have earned B-Corp certification are leaders in the global movement for an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy. To become a B Corp, BPM passed a rigorous assessment to prove we meet the highest standards for socially responsible business.  

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Overall B Impact score above the current median score of 50.9 for other businesses who complete the assessment

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B Corp certified accounting firms in the U.S. (as of certification date)

At BPM, we hold ourselves to a high standard of corporate responsibility. We are very serious about our commitment to helping our colleagues, clients and communities achieve success in work and in life – Because People Matter. While we know that putting people and the planet first is smart for business, we also believe this is simply the right thing to do. 

B Corp Certification — A reflection of our values 

Since our inception, we have been true to our brand promise, Because People Matter, our mission to help others be successful in work and life, and our vision to fuel the potential of our clients, colleagues and communities. We are recognized in our profession for our commitment to DEIB, transparency and nurturing a culture of trust and value.  

This is what being B Corp certified is all about.  

Earning our B Corp Certification is recognition that we are living these values in a meaningful and measurable way. While the B Corp certification is an important milestone, the culture that led us here goes back to our founding nearly 40 years ago and is ingrained in our DNA. We are proud of where we are today and looking forward to where we are headed tomorrow. 

View BPM’s B Impact Assessment and profile.

Go farther, do more: How our ESG practice can support your own B Corp journey 

To become certified as a B Corp, companies must demonstrate a strong commitment to social responsibility and environmental sustainability, along with high standards for performance, transparency and accountability. 

As leaders in change, B Corps enjoy many benefits, from more easily attracting and engaging talent to improved operational performance. They not only drive positive impact but also build resilient, future-proof enterprises that inspire trust and loyalty.  

As one of the first and few B Corp Certified Allinial Global firms, BPM is proud to provide consulting support for companies that want to become B Corps. Our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Advisory Services help both for-profit and nonprofit organizations comply with climate-related regulations and develop responsible business strategies, becoming more equitable and resilient in the process. 

Learn how our ESG Advisory Services can help you live your values, meet your goals and contribute to a better world.