We all have something worth bringing to the table.

We believe that who you are as a person makes you uniquely capable of contributing in a way no one else can. Every day we strive to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone feels welcome, valued, seen and heard. Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) is part of our company culture — from the way we support our colleagues and clients to the ways we show up for our communities.

Our long-standing initiative, Inclusion Now! (IN!) was put in place to ensure we’re holding ourselves accountable, meeting our belonging goals, and setting new goals as we grow. Our IN! Committee has been critical in helping create a safe and inclusive workplace. Members work to establish DEIB key performance indicators (KPIs) and regularly revisit them to ensure our efforts are making an impact.

The IN! mission statement: Better Together

​​​​​​​To create a DEIB environment that includes our clients, colleagues, and community; where individual ideas, knowledge, and perspectives are accepted and respected. To create a safe environment for all colleagues to be heard, share their honest opinions, and feel valued; Because People Matter!

Supporting DEIB through Colleague Resource Groups.

We’re always working to provide support for all minority groups represented by BPMers, including LGBTQIA+ and non-binary team members. One way we do that is by enabling colleagues to find common ground through Colleague Resource Groups (CRGs).

Our current CRGs and their missions:

AAPI Colleague Resource Group

To celebrate our Asian American Pacific Islander heritage through education, inclusion and communication by increasing our visibility through spotlighting our achievements and contributing to our social and business communities.​

Black Colleague Resource Group

To drive the recruitment, growth, development, and retention of Black colleagues in all areas of the firm. To provide BPM with a critical perspective on issues facing the Black community through awareness and colleague engagement.​

Career-minded Parents, Caregivers and Supporters Colleague Resource Group

To create a supportive village for those who support others by raising awareness, sharing experiences and providing resources.

Disabilities Colleague Resource Group

To promote the opportunities persons with disabilities can provide to BPM and our community by empowering colleagues with access, inclusion, independence and visibility.

Hispanic & Latinx Colleague Resource Group

To inspire and empower BPM’s Hispanic, Latino and Latinx colleagues to bring their genuine selves to work, support one another and cultivate leaders in the community! #BPMLatinxLeaders.

Interfaith Colleague Resource Group

To welcome everyone, regardless of beliefs. From people associated with a specific religion, to those who identify as atheist or agnostic, we intend to be a bridge focused on our similarities, creating space for education and care through life’s times of joy and challenge.

LGBTQIA+ Colleague Resource Group

Celebrating who we are, as LGBTQIA PLUS and their allies, by embracing those who want to be themselves in a safe and non-judgmental space.

Women’s Initiative Now!

To inspire, encourage, empower and connect women to succeed together in life. To create an inclusive and equal environment for female colleagues of all ages and levels to feel supported. ​

Empowering your journey to the C-Suite.

Our leaders work to implement and share best practices around helping women and minority groups be successful in their careers. We strive to elevate diverse groups of people — women, LGBTQ, minorities and under-represented groups of all ages and abilities — into leadership roles across the firm. In fact, BPM has been recognized many times over as the “Best CPA Firm for Women,” thanks to our focus on equitable opportunities and women’s leadership initiatives.

Core values that connect with our communities.

We choose to only affiliate with organizations that align with our beliefs as a firm. This year we have committed as a firm to intentionally and successfully attract and retain diverse clients, vendors, and talent. And we also actively support organizations led by women, people of color and other underrepresented groups in our communities, as well as causes that support nonprofits, schools and global relief.

BPM has been recognized as*:


for overall diversity


for racial and ethnic diversity


for diversity for women


for LGBTQ+ diversity

We’re putting our promises into action.

We’re committed to attracting and retaining diverse talent whose rich backgrounds and perspectives inspire them to think, work and act in unique and innovative ways. And we’re always striving to find new ways to lift up every voice within our organization.

This year, we’re expanding that commitment to promote the values of DEIB not only internally, but also in our vendor and client networks.

Do meaningful work — and build a meaningful career.

We’re looking for caring, curious people who want to make a positive impact on their colleagues, clients and communities. Sound like you? Come work with us!