Real Estate Portfolio & Transactional Advisory Services

Commercial real estate investors understand the constant shifting and movement of this sector.

It requires careful attention to detail, the ability to identify trends, and a team that can rapidly assess the potential of a property. Not only is there a continuous volume of information to be processed, but complicated regulatory issues must be addressed, and the intricacies of a facility’s day-to-day operation.

As a portfolio of properties expands, risk factors increase, and the ability to address compliance issues becomes more challenging with ever-tightening timeframes. And as a result, it evolves into a situation that calls for solid coordination and the right professional partnerships where trusted and experienced service providers can make all the difference.

With a skilled team of real estate professionals and specialists, BPM can deliver a continuum of services – everything from RE accounting and finance to valuations and fund/asset management and improve a real estate organization’s financial reporting process. In addition, we can rapidly deploy our resources to identify issues and deliver solutions that enhance a real estate organization’s financial reporting process.

The Opportunity

Through services specifically designed to assist clients as they enhance the value of their real estate investments, our professionals assist organizations with a variety of critical responsibilities. Our services, which are customizable to meet each organization’s specific circumstances, include — but are not limited to — the following:

Portfolio Valuation
  • Fair Value Analysis/Measurement (FASB ASC 820)
  • Distribution/Liquidation Waterfall Structure Review
  • Gift & Estate Tax Analyses
Refinance Evaluation
  • Loan Extension Optionality Term Analysis
  • Defeasance/Prepayment Analysis
  • Debt Metrics Reporting/Analysis (DSCR, LTV, etc.)
  • Market Analysis: Brokers/Lenders Outlook (Rate, Spread, Pricing, Term, etc.)
Cost Segregation Study
  • Cost Allocation Studies (Acquisition/Development + Capital/Tenant Improvement)
  • 5-Year Capital Plan Analysis and Depreciation Outlook
  • Fixed Asset Advisory Services
  • Real Estate Credits and Incentives Advisory

Other Complimentary Services


Discounted Cash Flow Model Analysis.
  • Critical analysis of pro forma and/or seller prepared DCF models
  • Market leasing assumption comparisons
  • Recovery analysis
  • Scenario and isolation analysis

Graph of financial analysis.


  • Financial trending and risk analysis
  • Seller-prepared budget analysis
  • Historical recovery billing analysis
  • Tenant payment history analysis

Lease abstraction paperwork

  • Economic lease abstraction
  • Operational lease abstraction
Magnifying glass with additional and expanded strategic analysis.  

  • Lease file analysis
  • Option encumbrance analysis
  • Service contract analysis
  • Third-party report analysis
  • Market analysis (lease fair value and rental rate estimates)
  • Supply and demand analysis
  • Site inspections

A handshake illustrating closing services and post transaction.


  • Proration calculations
  • Estoppel preparation and/ or analysis
  • Purchase price allocation

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