BPM Real Estate Badge Program

The BPM LLP Real Estate Badge is designed to help ensure BPM clients receive consistently outstanding service driven by enhanced skill development and ongoing industry immersion among the Firm’s professionals.

Tiered at the Gold and Platinum levels, the program requires BPM’s real estate team members to satisfy a stringent list of professional qualifications and skills-based requirements for certification. The badges are the highest recognition available to BPM’s Real Estate Industry Group.

A badge holder must attend at least two external real estate industry events annually and devote a certain number of hours to real estate activities (including billable BPM client work), BPM industry meetings and business networking with external organizations.

This achievement is an indication of the individual’s knowledge base and understanding of the real estate business community. It represents their abilities to help organizations with their industry-specific needs across the areas of accounting, advisory, tax and more.

Clients can view professionals’ badge status achievements under their BPM personal signature.

“This program aligns the goals for the Real Estate Industry Group with the emerging issues in the broader real estate business arena,” said BPM Partner Mark Leverette, who leads the Group. “At BPM, we pride ourselves on our diverse practice specializations and client offerings, and we are confident our clients are the real beneficiaries of this initiative. With this program, our clients can readily see our efforts and our progress.”

BPM-Real-Estate-Certification-Badge-24-25_gold BPM-Real-Estate-Certification-Badge-24-25_platinum


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