Nonprofit Audit and Services

Dedicated CPAs for nonprofit audit organizations

At BPM, we understand the business of nonprofits. We understand your purpose. We believe in that purpose.

BPM’s assurance professionals have for decades made providing audit and related financial services to nonprofit organizations a priority. Being actively involved in the lives of the communities in which we work is in our Firm’s colleagues provide thousands of hours in pro bono services to nonprofits every year.

We are committed to providing value-added audit services to our many nonprofit clients, bringing to bear the strengths and skills of the many qualified resources across our Firm.


Assurance and accounting

BPM’s experienced professionals are familiar with the various standards and agreed-on procedures for nonprofit accounting and auditing under U.S. GAAP, along with the principles adhered to by the IRS in applying standards to nonprofits.

We perform financial statement audits under the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Uniform Guidance and the Yellow Book, and we conduct attest services, accounting reviews and compilations to support audits. We also provide guidance on financial and banking statement reconciliations and assistance in preparing financial statements for published annual reports as needed.


BPM’s accounting and tax professionals can assist with a full range of filings, including IRS Forms 990 and related schedules reporting unrelated business income, etc., as well as state sales and excise taxes and filings for property tax exemptions.

Our nonprofit accounting and tax advisors can offer ways to increase productivity through automation, integration and user-defined workflows, helping you develop an integrated solution that meets your needs.

Development and fundraising advisory

We empower nonprofit clients to create new revenue streams, establish charitable giving programs and implement financial analysis procedures, allowing them to measure performance against their fundraising goals. We also counsel nonprofits on ways to develop internal control procedures to better manage these tasks.

We appreciate that contributions and other revenue from sales are vital to your nonprofit organization’s existence and growth. We well know the importance of developing new sources of revenue.

We help clients implement systems and strategies to help them reach new sources of funding, improve how income and expenses are tracked, and benefit from reporting capabilities and dashboards to assist them in strategic decision-making based on which outreach strategies, campaigns and targeted audiences have proven most successful.


BPM offers nonprofit clients an array of business process and IT advisory services that can benefit their organizations, including:

  • Setting up new accounting systems or reviewing and improving existing ones.
  • Implementing formal budgeting and cash flow projections, along with attendant reports.
  • Helping develop strategic and financial plans.
  • Evaluating operations, processes and internal controls, making recommendations for improvement where needed.
  • Examining pension plans and compensation programs.
  • Implementing systems and procedures to better manage contributions and donor lists.
  • Advising on accounting for charitable remainder trusts.
  • Offering insight on fraud prevention, including investigations as needed.
  • Preparing accounting and financial policy and procedure manuals and training in-house staff.
  • Providing external controller and CFO support, including advising finance committees and nonprofit boards.


At BPM, we care about the communities in which we live and work. We know that nonprofit institutions are critical for creating livable communities — and helping us all thrive. We would be happy to be partners in making your nonprofit organization successful.

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