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M&A Masters: How to Take Advantage of Today’s Seller Market

BPM Advisory Managing Director, Terry Hill, was recently interviewed for the M&A Masters podcast series with Patrick Stroth. In this podcast, Terry talks about $1 trillion of capital overhang, buy-side demands creating a seller’s market, and the importance of the diligence process.


Audio Breakdown:

  • 4:38: Dry powder overhang meets cresting wave of Baby Boomers
  • 8:06: What “due diligence ready” looks like in a seller’s market
  • 14:43: How prep costs affect the valuation of the business

to listen to the full podcast: “How to Take Advantage of Today’s Seller Market.”

To discuss any of the topics addressed in more detail contact Terry at
(415) 288-6244 or [email protected].

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