HR Recruiting

BPM understands that your company can only be as successful as the individuals that work for you. But identifying the right candidates for the job requires resources you may not have, and it can be time-consuming and overwhelming.

Human Resource Staffing

Our experience, contacts, and technology allow us to move quickly and expertly to fill open roles, while you focus on other priorities. Our projects with past clients include:

  • Assembling a cohesive and efficient team of 60 for a Silicon Valley tech startup that started with 3 people
  • Recruiting highly specialized positions (e.g., Associate Scientist, Scientist Group Leader, Project Managers) for a leading biotech client, all within 15-30 days of receiving their request
  • Partnering with leadership to build a team, based on organizational vision and initiatives.

Staffing and Recruitment Services: Where Experience Counts

BPM’s approach to your Human Resources staffing needs is based on partnership. We seek first to understand your company’s people needs and business imperatives. Then we build a talent acquisition solution — whether to fill one position or build an entire team — all with your growth strategy in mind.

The world of work has changed dramatically, and BPM continues to evolve with it. We place technology at the forefront of our solutions, providing the flexibility required to meet these new challenges. Regardless of where you are in the world, we collaborate seamlessly to solve your tactical to strategic HR, staffing, and recruiting needs.

BPM excels at identifying and hiring the right people for any role to help your company realize its full potential … so you don’t have to.

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