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SAN FRANCISCO, Apr. 6, 2022 BPM Link, an employee-driven performance management tool that helps align remote team members with each other and the strategic direction of their organization, has received the California HR Excellence Award for “Best Performance Management Initiative” for 2022.’s California HR Excellence Awards recognize California companies and individuals across the entire spectrum of human resources and celebrate successes in human capital management. The “Best Performance Management Initiatives” award recognizes the performance management approaches that deliver high engagement and productivity.

“We are thrilled that BPM Link continues to receive these outstanding awards; along with positive client feedback, it is further proof that this vital tool is being embraced by organizations and HR communities alike,” said BPM Managing Director Stacy Litteral. “BPM Link was launched with the core purpose of connecting employees to each other in well thought out, meaningful ways, as well as to the organizational strategy. The increase in hybrid and remote work environments has made BPM Link an invaluable asset to employees, managers and leaders.”

BPM Link is an intuitive platform that seamlessly connects employees with their managers through a guided framework that incorporates values in a unique way. The platform supports nimble communication between team members, facilitates an agile and efficient work environment, and provides transparency between employee perceptions and organizational objectives. Among its various features, BPM Link offers guided one-on-one check-ins; self-appraisals and instant feedback; employee-driven goal setting and tracking; and real-time insights on the status of company initiatives.

This California HR Excellence Award is the second key award for BPM Link; the platform was named a finalist in CPA Practice Advisor’s Tax and Accounting Technology Innovation Awards. These recognitions from industry-leading organizations and outlets are validation of BPM’s trailblazing efforts.

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