Accounting Today recently highlighted the launch of BPM’s new employee-driven performance management tool BPM Link.

“Over the years, we found our clients sought a tool to strengthen their human resources function and tie together multiple capabilities, such as compensation, performance, management development, and employee relations, in one coherent, culture building initiative,” BPM Partner Jill Pappenheimer is quoted saying in the article. “We created this platform to satisfy this need. We have found our clients’ results from this platform have been game changing. While using BPM Link, clients have seen increases in profitability, productivity, customer engagement and ultimately — and most importantly — a culture that employees want to embrace.”

Read the full article in Accounting Today.

About BPM Link

BPM Link is a simple to use, employee driven, visually appealing and intuitive platform that connects each employees’ work to the strategic direction of the organization. The technology easily supports nimble communication through guided conversations, facilitates an agile work environment and uncovers gaps between employee perceptions and realities of organizational objectives. Learn more about BPM Link.

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