Esteemed Partner, Colleague and Friend

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our dear colleague, Phil Hutson. He was 64 years old and is survived by his wife Christine Hutson, his children Eric Raymond, Emily Elsbree, Brian Raymond and Kim Hutson, and his mother, Charlan Blanpied. He is also survived by three sisters and five grandchildren.

Phil joined the Firm in 2006, when Brach, Neal, Daney & Spence, LLP merged with BPM. In 2013, he began his term as Managing Partner for the Firm’s Palo Alto office with a keen insight on every aspect of tax law.

He will be remembered as a distinguished and trusted advisor by his clients, and as a kind and thoughtful husband, and friend to all who knew him. His welcoming ways, passion for astronomy and comforting personality will be greatly missed.