Managed SOC

Your Security Operations Center (SOC) is your business’s frontline defense against hackers and insider threats — allowing you to respond to security incidents in real time.

Security Operation Center

Continuous security monitoring is mandated under many industry or government regulations or compliances (such as FedRAMP).

But getting an SOC up and running on your own can be overwhelming. Your IT or Security department may not have the capacity or the domain-specific knowledge to oversee something as sensitive as your SOC. And the talent required to oversee an SOC can be prohibitively expensive.

Monitoring and Responding to Security Incidents

Our innovative, fully-managed SOC-as-a-Service (SOCaaS) offerings allow you to offload a major burden from your in-house IT or Security team. Even better, we’re able to provide these services more efficiently than most in-house teams can. That efficiency gets passed along to you in the form of savings.

Advantages of choosing BPM as your managed security provider include:

  • Your in-house talent can stay focused on broader strategy and core processes.
  • You avoid the time and expense of finding full-time employees and software to build and run your SOC.
  • You get a team of dependable, deeply knowledgeable experts who’ve been through the process many times over to manage it for you.

Learn more about BPM’s IT Security practices from our vlog, Hear Something, Say Something.

security operation center ISO 27001 Certified

Security Operations Centers Designed and Built to Fit Your Needs

BPM has the expertise to get your SOC operational quickly. With more than 15 years’ worth of satisfied clients, we have honed our approach to make it quick, painless, and cost-effective to implement an SOC that fits the needs of your business and industry. You select the scope and level of service you need, and we select the best services and technologies out there to reliably achieve your business needs.

Our services include:

  • Review and Planning
    We conduct a comprehensive review of your IT (Corporate and Production) architecture, identifying potential threats and making recommendations accordingly.
  • Building for Efficiency
    We procure and oversee timely implementation of all software, hardware, and other infrastructure.
  • Operation and Oversight
    No amount of technology can replace human judgment. BPM has actual people working 24 X 7 in tandem with our advanced tools to ensure that no threat or alert is missed. You’ll choose any or all:

    • Real-time event and incident response
    • Correlation of simultaneous events
    • Compliance reporting
    • Threat resolution
    • Remediation advice

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