CyberSecurity Assessment

The question “What should we be doing about cybersecurity?” haunts many business leaders. The most succinct answer to this question can be provided by penetration testing.

The goal of penetration testing is to identify weaknesses in your information security before an attacker does. Also known as “ethical hacking,” penetration testing allows your organization to identify exploitable vulnerabilities in your infrastructure, networks, people, and processes. By following BPM’s risk-prioritized recommendations and applying controls where threat actors are most likely to exploit your organization, a penetration test can save your organization a lot of money, resources, and embarrassment.

Penetration Testing and CyberSecurity Assessments

BPM penetration test personnel are expert technologists with broad backgrounds across systems, networking, and application development. BPM’s passionate technologists work closely with physical security experts and social engineers in coordinated teams with complementary skills, just like criminal and nation-state groups. Using a variety of technical, human, and physical security testing techniques, we emulate threat actors who are trying to gain unauthorized access to sensitive information. Essentially, we evaluate your organization by imitating the very techniques currently used by real-world attackers. Identifying cybersecurity vulnerabilities — in the cloud or on your premises — is key to securing your network.

BPM also understands how to balance information security and business needs. As a result, we have become one of the most sought-after security assessment firms in the business.

Comprehensive Information CyberSecurity Assessment Services

From broad testing and exploitation to detailed remediation guidance, BPM helps your organization make informed decisions to tackle your security challenges. Our assessments are uniquely developed to meet your organization’s specific needs. Our expertise runs across industries, working with consumer businesses and nonprofit organizations, financial institutions and services firms, life science and healthcare, technology, real estate, state and local governments, education, utilities, law enforcement, and more.

The results of our projects provide your team with materials they need to greatly reduce your level of risk. Our reports are organized and presented to allow fixes to be implemented with minimal effort. When presenting our findings to executives, we aim to accurately convey the real-world level of risk your organization may face. We consistently leave reporting conversations with more buy-in toward the importance of resources aimed at cybersecurity.

Our broad array of cybersecurity assessment services includes:

Penetration Testing Services

  • Comprehensive Penetration Test

    • External Penetration Test
    • Internal Penetration Test
    • Social Engineering Penetration Test
    • Physical Security Penetration Test
  • Web/Mobile Application Penetration Test

    • Uncredentialed
    • Credentialed
    • Source Code Review
  • WiFi Penetration Test

  • Device/System Penetration Test

  • Red Teaming

    • Purple Teaming/System Validation
  • Security Incident Assessment/Indicators of Compromise Review

  • Cloud Security Configuration Review

  • Firewall Configuration Review

  • SCADA Security Assessment

  • Telework Security Assessment

  • Active Directory Password Audit

  • Internal & External Vulnerability Scan

    • PCI ASV Scan

Security Program Assessment Services

  • Information Security Program Review

    • Program Launch
  • IT General Controls Audit

    • ITGC with TR-39 PCI PIN Enhancement
  • Information Security Risk Assessment

    • RA with Cloud Services Enhancement
    • RA with Asset Inventory
    • RA with Control Validation
  • Cybersecurity Culture Assessment

  • Incident Response Tabletop Exercise

Financial Institution Services

  • Online Banking Assessment

  • Core System Security Assessment

  • GLBA Gap Analysis

  • FedLine Attestation

  • SWIFT Attestation

Instructor Led Security Training

  • Board/Leadership Cybersecurity Governance Training

  • Social Engineering Awareness Training