Business valuation services

BPM’s Business Valuation Services provide financial intelligence with integrity, accuracy and insight.


Business Valuation Services that drive informed decisions

Accurate valuations are a cornerstone of intelligent business decisions. 

Business valuation services are essential for many financial reporting, tax, transaction or dispute resolution purposes. Without a detailed and accurate assessment of a company’s financial status and future outlook, companies risk poor decision-making in critical areas such as mergers and acquisitions, investment decisions, estate planning and strategic management decision-making. Underinformed decisions can potentially lead to financial losses, regulatory compliance issues, legal disputes and reputational damage.  

Trustworthy, reliable valuations are a key component of avoiding these pitfalls and helping ensure the long-term success of your business.  

The right business valuation services team does more than crunch numbers, it delivers insights that shape successful business strategies. By providing a nuanced understanding of market trends, regulatory landscapes, industry benchmarks and future projections, the right team turns valuation data into strategic insights. The result is actionable intelligence to guide your company through complex financial and compliance landscapes.  

Partnering with a quality business valuation services team empowers you to approach negotiations, investments and strategic planning with a higher degree of confidence and foresight. BPM’s specialized team of valuation analysts supports your business objectives with advanced insights, nuanced understanding and defensible conclusions for the circumstances you and your business face. 

Explore BPM’s business valuation services

Our business valuation services provide professional, independent analyses that support critical financial decisions across a wide range of scenarios, from M&A transactions and tax reporting to dispute resolution and complex securities valuation.

Fairness Opinions and Solvency Opinions 

Independent, unbiased analyses of the financial aspects of a proposed deal are recommended for both public and private companies. These opinions help a board of directors or other fiduciary decide whether to approve a transaction and provide protection should the decision ever be challenged in court. 

IPO and SPAC Readiness Support, including MD&A Preparation 

Whether by IPO or SPAC, going public is a time-consuming process fraught with regulatory, financial and other hurdles. We provide Management Discussion and Analysis (MD&A) report preparation, technical accounting, financial reporting, valuations and audit support to put your company in the strongest possible position as it enters the public market. 

Gift and Estate Tax Reporting Valuations

Accurate valuations support efficient and hassle-free asset transfer to beneficiaries. Our valuations for gift and estate tax reporting provide an accurate assessment of assets for tax purposes, helping clients minimize tax liabilities and adhere to legal requirements. 

Litigation and Dispute Resolution Support 

Disputes and litigation are costly and disruptive. We provide our clients and their legal counsel with data, analysis and expert testimony that supports a fair and positive outcome. 

Post-M&A Valuation (ASC 805) 

By providing a fair value of your company’s assets, liabilities and non-controlling interests under ASC 805, we help ensure accurate financial reporting and regulatory compliance. This facilitates the smooth integration and strategic management of post-merger or acquisition activities. 

Transaction Valuation (M&A and Minority Investment) 

Accurate valuations for mergers, acquisitions and minority investments are essential for sound deal structuring and fair pricing. These services provide our clients with better negotiation leverage, reduce the risks associated with overvaluation or undervaluation and help ensure compliance with financial regulations. 

409a Valuations for Emerging Growth Companies 

The IRS requires that stock options be issued at their fair market value. However, a limited financial history combined with fast growth can make it difficult for emerging companies to establish that value. Our specialists can provide an independent valuation to keep you compliant with tax regulations. 

Complex Securities and Financial Instruments Valuations 

Some financial assets, such as derivatives, structured products or collateralized debt obligations (CDOs), require advanced financial modeling techniques to determine their value and meet regulatory and compliance standards. Valuations of these assets provide clients with clarity in high-stakes transactions and support strategic investment decisions. 

Why BPM for business valuation?

With a deep understanding of industry-specific valuation standards, a track record of accuracy and reliability and a team of experienced professionals, BPM’s Business Valuation Services practice supports you and your company’s success. 

We specialize in customized, certified, accurate valuations and qualified appraisals tailored to your specific needs. We also develop a more structural understanding of impacts and trends for your business’s value by considering a range of factors, including: 

  • The nature of your business and industry. 
  • Your company’s historical financial performance. 
  • Your company’s future outlook, plans and projected results. 
  • Local, national and global economic conditions. 
  • Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to your business. 
  • Intangible assets (e.g., customer relationships, trade names and proprietary technology). 

The result is a valuation that reflects your business’s true potential, now and in the future.