Business valuation services

Acquisition or sale.

Recapitalization or dissolution.

Dispute or shareholder battle.


Circumstances differ — but the need is the same. How to value the business? We can help.

Determining the value of a target of a proposed acquisition? Preparing a business for a spinoff or sale? Meeting the requirements of a court-ordered dissolution or weighing assets in a family dispute? Investigating asset values in a fight among shareholders of a closely held entity?

BPM has a wealth of experience providing valuation services to companies in a range of circumstances and across industries. Whatever the circumstances, we have experienced people and a proven set of processes to suit specific circumstances.

We frequently testify as experts in disputes, and we are qualified to advise on a range of valuation methods, including those upheld by standards-setters. We abide by the pronouncements of the Internal Revenue Service and the AICPA’s standards for business valuation.

Asset acquisitions or sales

BPM performs asset-based due diligence and valuation for proposed ownership changes — including acquisitions, spinoffs or sales, and recapitalizations. We provide reports and analyses to buyers and sellers, investors and lenders, and other parties. Our comprehensive reports on estimated value are conducted in accordance with industry and professional standards and support our clients in asset price negotiations.

Our credentialed valuation professionals also assist prospective buyers in confirming if a specific target is a good fit and promises to fulfill its intended strategic purpose. For example, our customized analyses help establish if a buyer has identified the right business for its strategic needs — whether that be a manufacturing facility, a professional practice or a retail operation.

We also can assist in developing the terms and conditions of a sale to help clients realize full value.

Court-ordered valuations

BPM’s professionals are experienced in serving as advisors on business valuation for litigation, including situations where a court requires appraisals of shareholder agreements or has been asked to rule for business dissolution in a dispute between owners or investors, including minority shareholders.

In rare cases, a state court may issue a liquidation order under its prevailing laws. These situations can be delicate for both buyers and sellers, including minority shareholders. BPM is familiar with the diverse circumstances of these kinds of business valuations, and we assist attorneys and can act as court-appointed experts.

Estate taxes

Almost all taxable estates are audited. Moreover, guidance and laws governing estate distributions and taxes are constantly evolving both at the Federal level and in various states.

If shares in an estate are distributed and then determined to have been undervalued for tax purposes, ensuing negotiations with the Internal Revenue Service can be complex and time-consuming. They can also overly stress relations among family members who are recipients of proceeds from an estate or trust.

Our experienced professionals know what rules apply to have a valuation accepted by the estate tax auditors of the IRS. We take the time necessary to guide estate beneficiaries and their legal counsel to an effective and defensible estate valuation.