Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

Because Your Business Matters

Consumers, governments and other businesses alike are increasingly demanding that companies shoulder the responsibility of helping rectify the global issues that threaten our earth and our livelihoods.

This fact is already reflected in many businesses day-to-day dealings such as bidding for government contracts, in which an effective supplier diversity or DEI program can be the competitive difference that wins a grant or proposal.

And it’s reflected in the way consumers shop. Brands that have a compelling answer to “how is your business doing its part?” increasingly connect  better with a new generation of more ethically conscious buyers.

In this bold new business environment, organizations that evolve and make the investment now to meet these new, higher standards for corporate responsibility can expect long-term rewards. Organizations that don’t shouldn’t be surprised if they see themselves passed over for contracts, grants, donations or other revenue-drivers.

Why ESG?

ESG refers to a set of non-financial factors that are used to evaluate companies and nonprofit organizations:

  • ‘E’ is for Environmental. This refers to how the organization’s activities impact their local and global environments. This impact can be direct (e.g., resource extraction or mining company) or it can be indirect (transportation, logistics, office supplies, data centers, just to name a few), but both categories have tangible effects on the environment.
  • ‘S’ is for Social. This facet refers to the quality of a company’s relationships with its employees, customers, suppliers and local communities. This Social dimension of ESG manifests itself both in internal initiatives, such as honoring people with diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives or health and safety standards, as well as in external initiatives, such as donations to causes and direct involvement in the community.
  • ‘G’ is for Governance. This refers to the set of policies and practices that serve as guidelines for how an organization’s decisionmakers should lead. It formally establishes the roles and responsibilities for individuals in the organization as well as the organization’s mission and goals. To demonstrate a commitment to ESG, an organization will need to carefully evaluate and update these policies and procedures to ensure they clearly encode values such as sustainability, equity, inclusion.

Funding, M&A deals, contracts, and in the nonprofit sector, grants, are increasingly hinging on these non-financial dimensions. But there are plenty of intrinsic reasons for committing to ESG, too. Embedding ESG into every aspect of your company — its culture, its practices, its business model — brings with it numerous benefits, including:

  • Enhanced brand reputation
  • Improved ability to attract and retain employees
  • Stronger performance and organizational efficiencies
  • Cost savings
  • Improved risk management

Business Impact

More than half of the S&P Global 1200 have reported using Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) Standards since 2019. Now is the time to start quantifying your business’s impact.

Integrated ESG Solutions for the Modern Business and Nonprofit

Leveraging a cross-functional, inclusive team consisting of talented professionals from across our Assurance and Advisory practices, BPM provides comprehensive ESG solutions for middle-market and large-cap businesses, as well as large nonprofit organizations.

With solutions spanning from ESG reporting and attestation, to governance documentation and people strategy, to IT security, privacy and sustainability solutions, our ESG Practice serves as a one-stop-shop for clients to help meet their ESG-related goals.

Armed with an in-depth knowledge of your business and the economic, social and regulatory environments in which it operates, our experienced Assurance and Advisory professionals consistently provide the highest level of service within the tightest deadlines.

ESG Services

  • ESG Reporting and Attestation
  • Pay Equity Analysis
  • Governance Documentation
  • Privacy and Data Governance
  • Leadership and Culture Consulting
  • Information Security Assessment
  • Unconscious Bias & Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
  • IT Sustainability Assurance and Advisory

Because People Matter

At BPM, our brand promise — to our clients, to our employees and to our communities — has always been “Because People Matter.” This value is the beating heart of our organization. It is our life force and the commitment on which we have staked our brand.

It manifests itself, among other ways, in how we treat our colleagues. BPM proudly embraces balance between work and life, and we back that up with generous benefits packages and a commitment to creating opportunities for advancement for people of all backgrounds and genders.

It is the principle behind our Inclusion Now! (IN!) committee, which reports on diversity and other important metrics while devising strategizing to increase diversity in our leadership and among our workforce overall.

And it is the force behind our involvement in the communities in which we operate. From our yearly book drive and annual fundraisers, to our Junior Achievement Bowl-a-Thon and BPM Day, we understand the importance of caring for and giving back to the communities in which we are a part.

When you’re looking for reporting, technology or advice to help drive your company’s environmental and social responsibility outcomes, you want a firm that walks the walk. BPM is that firm. We’re proud of these achievements and we are excited to leverage our personal experience along with our professional skills to help you achieve your desired ESG outcomes.


  • Accounting MOVE Project Best CPA Firm for Women
  • Vault Accounting 50 Top Ranked Firm
  • ClearlyRated Diamond Award-Winner for Client Satisfaction

It Starts With ‘Why’ 

Our team does what we do because we believe that by leveraging our diverse skillsets to help our clients gain insight into key ESG metrics and make recommendations to improve their societal and environmental impacts, we can contribute to fostering a more sustainable, inclusive business environment. 

Our Approach

BPM understands the importance your organization places on values and integrity — because they’re important to us, too. We also understand that fundamentally ESG is about results: for the environment, for society and for the bottom line.

That’s why at BPM we take a value-added approach to our services. As a highly diversified professional services firm with a reputation for integrity, we are partners in your stability and growth and are committed to transparency. We will only provide the solutions that we believe will most effectively and efficiently solve your business problems and contribute to your mission.

Our approach is always customized and focused on your needs. As a BPM client, you’ll always receive access to a trusted team of advisors that can provide strategic guidance and act as a sounding board for questions and research. We prize a good working relationship and will provide timely support whenever consultation is required. And we pride ourselves on our creative thinking and our ability to come up with bold solutions to solve even the most complex business challenges.

Diversity of Perspective Meets Diversified Skillsets

Our professionals bring to our Firm more than just their deep industry and practice area knowledge. They bring diverse perspectives. More than half of our board members, for instance, hail from diverse backgrounds, while women comprise more than 55% of our workforce. In a domain where diversity is recognized for the intrinsic good that it is, BPM is proud of the variety of experiences and viewpoints our professionals bring to ESG engagements.

That diversity is matched in full force by our depth and breadth of specialization. Beyond the traditional Tax and Assurance services traditionally offered by firms in our space, BPM also supports clients through our corporate finance, human resources, information technology and cybersecurity services. And with more than a dozen industry focus teams, you can be sure our professionals understand the distinct forces affecting your business.

Education and Thought Leadership 

Firmly committed to the cause of ESG, our professionals work to educate businesses and nonprofits, as well as fellow practitioners, about this emerging domain. View our thought leadership and check our ever-evolving calendar for the latest news and insights on ESG. 

Contact Us Today to Get Started on Your ESG Journey. 

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