The commercial real estate sector is primed for digital transformation, argues BPM’s Mike Sellai.

As commercial real estate owners refurbish their properties, many are missing out on an opportunity to embark on a digital transformation that could boost efficiencies, cut costs, and make their properties more attractive to a larger group of potential tenants. In his article for The Registry, Partner Michael Sellai says IT infrastructure can dramatically increase the value of the property for tenants and investors.  

Sellai explains that many property companies undervalue IT, which leads to them either making costly mistakes or facing frequent technical issues. However, the benefits of such a transformation are numerous: identifying and resolving redundancies and inefficiencies; building value through utilization, like installing security card scanners and closed-circuit cameras; and creating the potential for cost savings by automating processes and systems.  

Read the full article on The Registry.  

About Michael Sellai  

Michael has nearly 20 years of Information Technology experience and is a Partner in BPM’s Advisory practice. He helps clients manage, maintain and upgrade their information systems. Michael has experience consulting with small- and medium-sized companies to find the right managed IT services for their business. He also assists larger companies with IT support and services. Today, Michael leads BPM’s Managed IT Services team and works with a group of network engineers and system administrators to install and maintain clients’ IT systems in a wide variety of industries. 

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