BPM’s Jill Pappenheimer and Michael Sellai Write in CISOMAG

An organized onboarding experience can not only benefit your new team members, but also the overall IT security for your organization.

BPM Partner Jill Pappenheimer and BPM Partner Michael Sellai recently co-authored an article in CISO Magazine their HR and IT best practices to help guide business and nonprofit leaders through the optimal onboarding process.

Read the entire article on the CISOMAG website.


About Jill Pappenheimer

Jill Pappenheimer brings 30 years of experience supporting the people function for organizations ranging from large financial institutions to small entrepreneurial teams. In 2006, she began consulting with companies, and in 2012 she co-founded Options4Growth, a boutique-consulting firm bringing both outsourced Human Resources and Strategy Advising, combined with cloud based technology, to a broad range of clientele.

She has an extensive business management background giving her a unique perspective to traditional HR practices. Jill believes that you need to link people, with technology, and organizational goals and objectives in order to grow and thrive.

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About Michael Sellai 

Michael has nearly 20 years of Information Technology experience and is a Partner in BPM’s San Francisco office. He helps clients manage, maintain and upgrade their Information Systems. Michael has experience consulting with small and medium-sized companies to find the right Managed IT services for their business. He also assists larger companies with IT support and services.  Today, Michael leads BPM’s Managed IT Support team and works with a group of network engineers and system administrators to install and maintain clients in a wide variety of industries.

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