BPM Partner Fred Rica featured in InformationWeek discussing reputational risk following a data breach

Data breaches continue to come at a high cost. Depending on how an organization responds to a breach, that brand damage can lead to lost business.

Following such an event, how can leadership understand how much damage has been done to an organization’s reputation, and how can they repair it?

“Impact generally increases with the sensitivity of the type of data that may have been compromised,” BPM Partner Fred Rica tells InformationWeek. “A breach involving, say, email addresses is likely to be less harmful than a breach involving financial information.”

Conducting a breach post-mortem can help organizations understand not only how a breach occurred but also how well it was contained and communicated. Rica recommends bringing in “…somebody from the outside who has a completely independent view and completely fresh set of eyes.”

For more about how companies can measure and repair the damage done to their brands following a data breach, read the full article on InformationWeek’s website.