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During dramatic economic shifts or times of uncertainty, it is easy to become consumed in the daily minutia of business continuity. Uniquely now, we find many businesses are stuck in suspended animation and unable to move ahead. Others have been so affected by external forces (good or bad) that the entire employee base struggles to keep heads above water. BPM has watched these phenomena unfold in past months, and from our observations put much of the business community into three categories: 

Suspension – You are hesitant to make change due to uncertainty, a lack of information, or anxiety about economic or industry shifts.  

Downturn – This year did not bring the growth you anticipated or you are in the early stages of contraction or distress.  

Hyper-growth – Business is booming, and you are trying to keep up. You have the means to embark on new opportunities, but you do not have the infrastructure or know-how to move ahead.  

In each of these cases, the scenario brings its own set of opportunities for good outcomes. Whether your path is one of process improvement and organizational redesign, raising capital or transferring corporate wealth to the family, or restructuring / liquidation, it is prudent to partner with experience and expertise. 

Listen and Recommend  

Every day, BPM’s Advisory teams partner with owners, CEOs and Boards to provide them visibility, confidence and decision support – then drive action. Our team is ready to spend an afternoon with you to learn more about your unique situation and to share what we have learned from other organizations going through similar circumstances. 

Schedule a time with our team to be bold and move ahead – it’s on us.  


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