Coaching & Development

BPM is committed to growing the firm’s future leaders. We take a holistic approach, combining our coaching program, corporate university, and on-the-job-training to prepare you at each level of your career.

BPM’s coaching culture, centered around teamwork and knowledge, will enable you to grow along a career path determined by you based on your interests. BPM is a diverse community with a variety of programs and experiences in place to foster success and excellence.

Career Coach Program

Whether you are a recent graduate or joining us mid-career, from the moment you walk in the door at BPM, you are matched with someone who will be your champion in ensuring you are given the education, experience and exposure necessary to reach your full potential. Your Career Coach will be instrumental in helping you determine your career direction, identifying goals, and establishing a plan to meet those goals. They will help you gain a clear understanding of what is expected of you, how you are progressing, and how you play a role in the overall business goals of the firm. Finally, they act as your sounding board and advocate in times of need. You can turn to this person for help in managing your current projects, scheduling, industry exposure, flexibility, and career mobility. While you are responsible for driving your career, your Career Coach will be there to help you navigate.

BPM Buddy

Being a new employee can feel a lot like being the new kid at school. Similar to the Career Coach, all new employees are paired with a peer or more seasoned colleague, to ensure our newest members don’t feel like employees, but family. In addition to an instant person to make you feel welcome, your Buddy will be your go-to for guidance during the first six months of employment.

Women in Leadership

Diversity and inclusion are an important component of BPM’s culture. We want to give all of our employees, including women, the tools, resources, and development opportunities that will enable them to reach their full potential. As a result, BPM offers workshops that include topics such as personal brand management, leadership and business development training to develop our firm’s future leaders.

Rewards & Recognition

Providing recognition to each other has always been a part of BPM. We value and respect our core values – community, respect, integrity, creativity, knowledge, excellence, teamwork, and success – and reward the actions of our employees who live them every day. From our firm recognition program to our Core Values Awards presented by firm leaders, there are a variety of opportunities to recognize and reward our firm’s exemplary employees at all levels!

Other Opportunities to Advance your Career:

Further develop your career and network with other firm professionals by getting involved! You can also become a member of the following:

  • Help shape and develop our culture by becoming a member of the Staff Advisory Committee (SAC)
  • Join the Community Outreach Committee to contribute to our firm’s commitment to the Bay Area
  • Become a Training Buddy, internal instructor or proctor, or Training Champion to help support our learning culture
  • Recruit future BPM’ers and contribute to the firm’s recruiting efforts by going to campus or participating in candidate interviews
  • Help others advance in their own careers and become a Career Coach