ISO Advisory

ISO Certification Advice and Support Tailored to Your Business 

The skilled security professionals at BPM have the resources and the know-how to help businesses big and small alike navigate the complexities associated with achieving and maintaining an ISO/IEC certification. Our team members are authorities on every step of the certification process for the most recognized ISO standards and will help smoothly and efficiently guide your business through this often-nebulous process.  

We do not perform independent ISO certification audits. What we do is provide efficient and authoritative guidance to help you pass these challenging reviews. 

Achieving an ISO certification is a major project. It can be time- and resource-intensive, not to mention expensive. So it often comes as a surprise to business leaders that a third-party assessment only tells a company if they passed or failed their review. By comparison, our IT Security Advisory team works closely with information technology teams to review and assess their companies’ ability to meet or exceed the U.S. government’s rigorous FedRAMP compliance standards.  

Offer Your Clients Peace of Mind With ISO Certification 

Cybersecurity is constantly evolving. By the time one flaw in a network’s defense systems is found and patched up, cybercriminals are already looking for new vulnerabilities they can exploit.  

In today's interconnected world, companies may be just a mouse click away from a severe cyberattack. Hackers today leverage a wide range of attack vectors beyond the computer viruses of yore, including ransomware, phishing for proprietary information, and exploiting unpatched holes in old or outdated software. Each can ultimately lead to massive data breaches and even severe damage to a computer network. Not only do these attacks often cost companies significant sums of money to recover from, but the reputational damage can be incalculable.  

For businesses that provide outsourced information technology services, such as cloud computing providers, the consequences of a severe cyberattack could be devastating for clients. That is why more and more companies are demanding that their IT providers maintain the highest security standards specified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). The process to reach these standards can be arduous, requiring the implementation of numerous procedures and multiple in-depth audits. But they afford peace of mind to businesses who are entrusting their sensitive data to a vendor.  

Support for Whichever ISO Certification Fits Your Needs 

“ISO” is not a single certification or set of standards but rather a suite of frameworks designed to answer distinct business needs. This offers organizations flexibility, but it can also be confusing for those not well-versed in the subject. That is why our team focuses on learning your business needs: to help steer you towards the right certification for your organization. We are fully versed in all the following ISO certifications, and with real-world experience helping dozens of clients achieve various ISO certifications, we know what works and how to get you there: 

  • ISO/IEC 27001: To earn this certification, you need to build organization processes and structures whose purposes are to manage the controls and reviews, every single day, not just when its audit time. That’s where BPM comes in. 

  • ISO/IEC 27002: To achieve ISO 27002 certification you need to establish controls to manage, monitor and maintain confidentiality, integrity and availability (C.I.A.). This is no minor initiative, and it is why companies hire us to help them do it right. 

  • ISO/IEC 27018: Privacy and protecting personally identifiable information (PII) on cloud computing systems is the focus of ISO/IEC 27018. It can also help mitigate legal risks if there is a data breach. BPM can advise on whether this certification is appropriate for your business needs and risk profile. 

  • ISO/IEC 27031: Your business needs comprehensive documentation and ongoing testing to maintain this level of assurance. With our elite talent, BPM can help you stay the course meeting these high standards. 

Contact BPM to Get Started on Your Path to ISO Certification Today. 

Obtaining an ISO/IEC certification may be a multistep process, but completing it lends credibility to any cloud computing service provider by showing they take security seriously. BPM’s IT Security Advisory professionals are fully equipped to provide tailored ISO certification support to your business from start to finish so you can ace your audit and start reaping the rewards.