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Ericka has over 25 years of HR experience and is a full-cycle recruiter with expertise in client management, recruitment strategies and training.

She has supported clients in a variety of industries including government, regulatory affairs, electronics, communications, medical devices and luxury retail brand. And has supported these businesses by recruiting employees at all levels.

In the past, Ericka sourced hard-to-fill DevOps, IT and engineering roles by creating strong campaigns to attract and retain qualified candidates to hire accepted. In this role, she increased hiring by 65% from the previous year.

Another example of Ericka’s positive impact is when she successfully helped a company heal the Talent Acquisition team’s strained relationship with their Marketing & Sales groups by reprioritizing needs and becoming a trusted advisor to strategize and support their recruiting efforts.

She is a multifaceted talent professional and with a people-centric approach to complex jobs and needs.

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BS/Broadcast Journalism – National University