Term is Hekmatjah’s first as Board Member for the leading trade association for accounting marketing and business development professionals. 07.07.21 

BPM Chief Marketing Officer Jessica Hekmatjah was among the six newly elected, first-term Board Members-at-Large announced July 1 by the Association for Accounting Marketing (or “AAM,” as it’s often referred to). With her new role as AAM Board member, Hekmatjah joins a group of distinguished accounting marketing professionals that includes: 

  • Greg Cole, chief marketing officer at BKD CPAs & Advisors 

  • Laura Metz, marketing & communications manager at Moore North America 

  • Randy Mowat, partner, SVP marketing at MNP LLP 

  • Chris O’Day, director of marketing at ALL CPAs 

Read the full press release at the AAM website