Technology and organizational solutions for teams transitioning to remote work

BPM has the resources your organization needs to support collaborative work from anywhere. Our Advisory teams work together to help you develop remote work practices, integrate cloud-based IT systems and keep your data safe.

Telecommuting technologies and the global economy have already irrevocably changed the nature of the business landscape, and there is no going back now. That is why it is important to develop technological and organizational resources for employees who want or need to work outside the office. Developing lasting resources now will give you a leg up on competitors, as economic forces continue to favor the flexibility and efficiency of remote work.

That does not mean there are not risks or challenges, though. Keeping employees engaged outside the office can be a major obstacle for businesses. Remote work can also put a strain on a company’s information technology resources and capabilities, not to mention the major security liabilities that can arise when employees work outside of established spaces and channels.

Thankfully, BPM takes these risks and more into consideration when developing remote work integration actions plans for clients of all sizes, in all industries.

Preserving company culture
Develop winning remote work policies and practices

Going from an office full of colleagues to the relative isolation of a home office or coffee shop can be a shock for many people. Furthermore, managers have the additional challenge of keeping employees engaged and driven to achieve business goals in a completely new environment.

BPM’s HR and People Services group is ready to guide you through these and other tactical and strategic challenges that telecommuting presents. Our team is led and staffed by HR professionals who developed a comprehensive approach that addresses the organizational, management and leadership challenges remote work presents.

Key services and solutions include:

  • Devising tailored remote work policies and practices
  • Creating handbooks and guides centered on remote work
  • Developing accountability mechanisms for managers and employees
  • Implementing performance management programs in support of remote workforces
  • Coaching on productivity, engagement and other remote work issues
  • Consulting on organizational change management
  • Coaching C-suite and other executives on remote workforce leadership 

Laying the infrastructure
Professionally managed remote IT support and solutions

Systems designed for in-office work are often stretched to their limits by a sudden shift to remote work. Telework calls for not only modifying or upgrading these mission-critical systems, but also reevaluating what kinds of enterprise software programs are necessary for employees to efficiently complete their tasks. That is a tough ask, if your business’s IT function is running on limited talent and technology resources.

BPM’s Managed IT Services team has the capacity and the expertise to manage all or part of your company’s remote work infrastructure. We have built our practice around seamlessly entering clients’ businesses and assuming their IT burdens. Offering reliable, high-availability remote work solutions your employees and leadership can rely on, our Managed IT Services practice is the easy, cost-effective way to get the infrastructure you need to implement a remote workforce.

Ways we technologically help you transition to remote work:

  • 100% managed IT services
  • Implementation of cloud-based platforms that promote remote work efficiency
  • Enterprise software consultation, procurement and deployment
  • Top-to-bottom IT auditing and recommendations
  • Unlimited help desk support
  • Identify and neutralize shadow IT
  • VPN, SSH and other data encryption solutions

Ensuring information security
Comprehensive, 360-degree remote cybersecurity monitoring

Once your employees are working outside a secure office space and on unmonitored networks, the risk of your data becoming compromised becomes much greater. You have to consider the risks to information security and data privacy that remote work presents and plan accordingly.

After your policies and procedures are established, and cloud solution software programs are integrated, it is time to increase your security measures to ensure your company’s information does not fall into the wrong hands.

Our IT Security Advisory team identifies the risks posed by remote work and builds robust security policies and infrastructure needed to keep information secure. From phishing and virus attacks, to sophisticated social engineering scams, employee data theft and corporate espionage, we consider and prepare for the various threats that may be aimed at your business, so you do not have to.

How we can close your remote work security gaps:

  • Telework risk assessments and recommendations
  • Develop strong data security, privacy and confidentiality policies
  • Install protection and monitoring software on corporate-owned devices
  • Continuous device monitoring programs
  • SOC-as-a-Service
  • Data security awareness trainings 

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