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Written by Britiany Tompkins

If you are managing a single-entity or multi-entity family office, technology can truly transform your complex world. The important thing is to educate yourself on the available options for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), applications and partners, so you are making the most informed decisions and investing in the right solutions for your family office.

BPM is an excellent resource, because we work with family offices and members in several capacities from financial and tax services and advisory to our dedicated Sage Intacct practice for solution implementations, services and support. Even some members of our technical team are CPAs, or is in the process of becoming one. We are a wealth of knowledge for family offices, and we are more than happy to share it to help you get on the right path.

What to Look for in Family Office Technology

A great place to start is our infographic—Nine Ways BPM Can Take Your Family Office Further, Faster—you can download right now! You can use it as a checklist of what to look for in your family office technologies and partner.

Here is a quick overview to get you started:

1. Fully Integrated, Mobile Cloud Platform

If there was ever a case for an integrated cloud technology stack, it is a family office. With family members located in multiple locations and always on the go, the cloud gives you the freedom and flexibility to securely take care of business anywhere, at any time, on any device.

2. Global, Multi-Entity Consolidation

Easy, automated consolidation of entities, operations and financials is a must-have for any family office. You want to make sure your technology can consolidate everything in one place and quickly scale to your needs, even when ownership structures change.

3. Proactive Tax Planning and Projections

For family members, surprise tax liabilities could mean millions of dollars. Ensure your financial management solution provides visualized, predictive dashboards by multiple criteria, so you are always ahead of the game.

4. Powerful Reporting and Analytics

Transparency is key for family members and, unfortunately, extremely difficult (or impossible) with basic accounting software and manual spreadsheets. Look for advanced reporting with real-time consolidated data from multiple sources. Family offices must ensure accurate, data-driven decisions.

5. Virtual Bill Pay and Employee Reimbursement

If you are spending too much time writing, approving and signing paper checks, you are not alone. Your solution should be able to easily integrate with virtual bill payment options like Concur,, and Nexonia to automate electronic payments for bills, staff and any expense—effortlessly.


Got Questions?

Check out our Nine Ways BPM Can Take Your Family Office Further, Faster infographic for all the other ways BPM transforms the busy, complicated world of family office management. Do you want to discuss some options for your family office? Contact us, so our team can answer your questions or provide a quick demonstration of our solutions for family offices.

About BPM’s Sage Intacct Team

BPM’s Sage Intacct team works strategically with a wide range of clients to implement innovative technology within their existing accounting systems. Learn more about how we help provide maximum insights and enable real-time results on BPM’s Sage Intacct blog.


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