Fiduciary Accounting Services

BPM’s Fiduciary Accounting Services

At BPM, we understand the complexities of financial recording and reporting for trusts and estates. Our team works to provide ultimate transparency to trustees and estate executors on a regular basis by preparing real-time financial reports throughout the year.

We can help deliver valuable insights into the transactions within an estate or trust and a snapshot into its financial wellness. At the same time, our team can track income, expenses and distributions to beneficiaries, so you can have peace of mind.

Through our fiduciary accounting services, we can assist with:

  • Facilitates visibility into a trust or estate financials
  • Satisfies accounting requires for court or trust
  • Eases financial records and tax reporting
  • Consolidates tax reporting

ONESOURCE Fiduciary Accounting software

At BPM, we utilize innovative software solutions, including ONESOURCE Fiduciary Accounting software to serve our clients. Whether you need monthly, quarterly or yearly reports, we can provide accurate income reports any time of the year in preparation for tax reporting.

This software provides an integrated platform for each client’s trust accounting and estate accounting needs.